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ilex US English

another term for holm oak.

Ilex in gallberry US English

A North American holly with shiny leaves and white flowers

Ilex in holly US English

A widely distributed shrub, typically having prickly dark green leaves, small white flowers, and red berries. There are several deciduous species of holly but the evergreen hollies are more typical and familiar

Ilex in ilex US English

A tree or shrub of a genus that includes holly and its relatives

Ilex in winterberry US English

A North American holly with toothed, nonprickly leaves and berries that persist through the winter

Quercus ilex in holm oak US English

An evergreen southern European oak, with dark green glossy leaves

Ilex vomitoria in yaupon US English

A holly of the southern US. Sometimes dried and brewed as a tea, its bitter leaves contain caffeine and have emetic properties

Ilex paraguariensis in maté US English

The South American shrub of the holly family which produces maté leaves