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incident US English

An event or occurrence

incident to in incident US English

Likely to happen because of; resulting from

incident room US English

A centre set up by the police to coordinate operations connected with a particular crime, accident, or other incident

incident US Thesaurus

incidents in his youth

incident English-Spanish

incidente masculine, episodio masculine

the day passed without incident in incident English-Spanish

el día transcurrió sin incidentes

I was a witness to the incident in witness English-Spanish

yo fui testigo del incidente, yo presencié el incidente

I went over the incident in my mind in go English-Spanish

repasé mentalmente el incidente

this case brings to mind another incident in mind English-Spanish

este caso (nos) recuerda otro incidente

the incident was replayed in slow motion in replay English-Spanish

el incidente se volvió a pasar en cámara lenta

the incident prompted fears of a backlash in prompt English-Spanish

el incidente hizo temer una reacción violenta

the incident spoiled her chances of promotion in spoil English-Spanish

el incidente dio al traste con sus perspectivas de ascenso

the incident was given a bare two paragraphs in bare English-Spanish

el incidente apenas si mereció dos párrafos

the incident is firmly embedded in my memory in embed English-Spanish

el incidente está firmemente grabado en mi memoria

he's gone down in my esteem since that incident in esteem English-Spanish

desde que pasó aquello no le tengo la misma estima

the pain/incident is etched forever on my mind in etch English-Spanish

tengo el dolor/incidente grabado para siempre en la memoria

the incident was indelibly stamped on her memory in indelibly English-Spanish

el incidente se le quedó grabado para siempre en la memoria

my recollection of the incident is quite different in recollection English-Spanish

según lo que yo recuerdo las cosas fueron muy distintas, recuerdo lo que pasó de manera muy distinta

worryingly, he could not remember the incident in worryingly English-Spanish

para preocupación de todos, no podía recordar el incidente

this incident casts him in a very different light in cast English-Spanish

este incidente lo muestra de manera muy distinta

the incident brought about a change in their attitude in bring English-Spanish

el incidente provocó un cambio en su actitud

the incident put a strain on Franco-German relations in strain English-Spanish

las relaciones franco-alemanas se volvieron tirantes a raíz del incidente

the incident was o went unreported in yesterday's paper in unreported English-Spanish

no se informó del incidente en el periódico de ayer

she had completely wiped the incident from her memory in wipe English-Spanish

había borrado totalmente el incidente de su memoria

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