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itch US English

An uncomfortable sensation on the skin that causes a desire to scratch

jock itch US English

A fungal infection of the groin area

itch mite US English

A parasitic mite that burrows under the skin, causing scabies in humans and sarcoptic mange in animals

dhobi itch US English

Itching inflammation of the skin, especially in the groin region, suffered particularly in the tropics and typically caused by certain types of ringworm infection or by allergic dermatitis

barber's itch US English

Ringworm of the face or neck communicated by unsterilized shaving apparatus

seven-year itch US English

A supposed tendency to infidelity after seven years of marriage

itch US Thesaurus

I have an itch on my back

itch English-Spanish

picar* + me/te/le etc

I itch all over in itch English-Spanish

me pica todo el cuerpo

my/her eyes itch in itch English-Spanish

me/le pican los ojos

the seven-year itch in itch English-Spanish

la comezón del séptimo año, la crisis de los siete años

he felt the itch for travel in itch English-Spanish

tenía el gusanillo de los viajes