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joint US English

A point at which parts of an artificial structure are joined

joint US Thesaurus

cracks in the joint

bed joint US English

A horizontal layer of mortar underneath a layer of masonry

gyp joint US English

A business establishment, especially a store, that has a reputation for cheating customers by charging exorbitant prices for inferior goods or services

hip joint US English

The ball-and-socket joint connecting a leg to the trunk of the body, in which the head of the thigh bone fits into the socket of the ilium

lap joint US English

A joint made with two pieces of metal, timber, etc., by halving the thickness of each member at the joint and fitting them together

butt joint US English

(Of wood, metal, etc.) a joint formed by two surfaces abutting at right angles

clip joint US English

A nightclub or bar that charges exorbitant prices

creep joint US English

A brothel

juke joint US English

A bar featuring music on a jukebox and typically having an area for dancing

coffin joint US English

The joint at the top of a horse’s hoof

joint account US English

A bank account held by more than one person, each individual having the right to deposit and withdraw funds

joint tenancy US English

The holding of an estate or property jointly by two or more parties, the share of each passing to the other or others on death

joint venture US English

A commercial enterprise undertaken jointly by two or more parties that otherwise retain their distinct identities

knuckle joint US English

A joint connecting two parts of a mechanism, in which a projection in one fits into a recess in the other

struck joint US English

A masonry joint in which the mortar between two courses of bricks is sloped inward so as to be flush with the surface of one but below that of the other

capillary joint US English

A joint made between two pipes by putting their ends into a fitting that is only slightly larger than the pipes and filling the gap with molten solder

expansion joint US English

A joint that makes allowance for thermal expansion of the parts joined without distortion

gambling joint US English

A place where gambling games are played

out of joint US English

(Of a joint of the body) out of position; dislocated

shoulder joint US English

The joint connecting an upper limb or forelimb to the body. It is a ball-and-socket joint in which the head of the humerus fits into the socket of the scapula

universal joint US English

A coupling or joint that can transmit rotary power by a shaft over a range of angles

compression joint US English

A joint between two pipes made by tightening a threaded nut on to a metal ring, the compression thus caused creating the seal

ball-and-socket joint US English

A natural or manufactured joint or coupling, such as the hip joint, in which a partially spherical end lies in a socket, allowing multidirectional movement and rotation

joint and several US English

(Of a legal obligation) undertaken by two or more people, each individual having liability for the whole

slip-joint pliers US English

Pliers with a slot in one jaw through which the other jaw slides, permitting an adjustable span

joint-stock company US English

A company whose stock is owned jointly by the shareholders

temporomandibular joint US English

The hinge joint between the temporal bone and the lower jaw

Joint Chiefs of Staff US English

The chiefs of staff of the US Army and Air Force, the commandant of the US Marine Corps, and the chief of US Naval Operations. This group’s chairman, selected from one of the branches, is the highest-ranking military adviser to the president of the US

degenerative joint disease US English

Another term for osteoarthritis.

case2 US English

Reconnoiter (a place) before carrying out a robbery

put someone's nose out of joint US English

Upset or annoy someone

out of joint in joint US English

(Of a joint of the body) out of position; dislocated

miter joint in miter US English

A joint made between two pieces of wood or other material at an angle of 90°, such that the line of junction bisects this angle

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