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kick1 US English

Strike or propel forcibly with the foot

kick2 US English

An indentation in the bottom of a glass bottle, diminishing the internal capacity

kick US Thesaurus

she kicked the ball over the fence

break the habit US English

Stop engaging in a habitual practice

kick in US English

(Especially of a device or drug) become activated; come into effect

axe kick US English

A type of kick used in tae kwon do and other martial arts, in which the opponent’s head is struck with the heel of the foot

drop kick US English

(Formerly, in football) a kick made by dropping the ball and kicking after it touches the ground

fly-kick US English

A kick, especially in rugby, made while the ball is still in the air

free kick US English

(In soccer and rugby) an unimpeded kick of the stationary ball awarded to one side as a penalty for a foul or infringement by the other side

frog kick US English

A movement used in swimming, especially in the breast stroke, in which the legs are brought toward the body with the knees bent and the feet together and then kicked outward before being brought together again, all in one continuous movement

goal kick US English

A free kick taken by the defending side from within their goal area after attackers send the ball over the end line outside the goal

high kick US English

A kick with the foot high in the air, for example in dancing or martial arts

kick ass US English

Act in a forceful or aggressive manner

kick back US English

Be at leisure; relax

kick off US English

(Of a football game, soccer game, etc.) be started or resumed after a score by a player kicking the ball from a designated spot

kick-ass US English

Forceful, vigorous, and aggressive

kick-down US English

A device for changing gear in a motor vehicle with automatic transmission by full depression of the accelerator

kick drum US English

A bass drum played using a pedal

kick turn US English

A turn carried out while stationary by lifting first one and then the other ski through 180°

stab kick US English

A fast low kick to a teammate

kick-to-kick US English

An informal game in which a football is kicked between two groups of players

corner kick US English

A place kick taken by the attacking side from a corner of the field after the ball has been sent over the end line outside the goal by a defender

kick around US English

(Of a thing) lie unwanted or unexploited

kick-boxing US English

A form of martial art that combines boxing with elements of karate, in particular kicking with bare feet

kick plate US English

A metal plate at the base of a door or panel to protect it from damage or wear

kick pleat US English

An inverted pleat in a narrow skirt to allow freedom of movement

kick-start US English

Start (an engine on a motorcycle) with a downward thrust of a pedal

onside kick US English

An intentionally short kickoff that travels forward the required distance of 10 yards, which the kicking team can attempt to recover

kick-start US Thesaurus

if the project isn't kick-started soon, it's going to be dropped altogether

flutter kick US English

A brisk, alternating, up-and-down movement of the legs when swimming with certain strokes, such as the crawl

kick against US English

Express resentment at or frustration with (an institution or restriction)

penalty kick US English

A free kick at the goal from the penalty spot (which only the goalkeeper is allowed to defend), awarded to the attacking team after a foul within the penalty area by an opponent

scissor kick US English

(In various sports, particularly swimming and soccer) a kick in which the legs make a sharp snapping movement like the blades of a pair of scissors

roundhouse kick US English

(Chiefly in karate) a kick made with a wide sweep of the leg and rotation of the body

kick-and-rush US English

Denoting soccer played vigorously but with little skill

kick someone's ass US English

Beat, dominate, or defeat someone

kick up a fuss US English

Object loudly or publicly to something

kick something in US English

Contribute something, especially money

kick something off US English

Remove something, especially shoes, by striking out vigorously with the foot or feet

kick someone out US English

Expel or dismiss someone

kick up one's heels US English

Have a lively, enjoyable time

kick someone upstairs US English

Remove someone from an influential position in a business by giving them an ostensible promotion

kick someone around US English

Treat someone roughly or without respect

kick something around US English

Discuss an idea casually or idly

a kick in the pants US English

An unwelcome surprise that prompts or forces fresh effort

a kick in the teeth US English

A grave setback or disappointment

kick against the pricks US English

Hurt oneself by persisting in useless resistance or protest

kick the can down the road US English

Put off confronting a difficult issue or making an important decision, typically on a continuing basis

kick someone in the teeth US English

Cause someone a grave setback or disappointment

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