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laden US English

Heavily loaded or weighed down

laden in lade US English

Load (a ship or other vessel)

doom-laden US English

Conveying a sense of tragedy

germ-laden US English

Filled with or carrying many germs

value-laden US English

Presupposing the acceptance of a particular set of values

heavily laden US English

Full of or loaded with heavy items

theory-laden US English

Denoting a term, concept, or statement that has meaning only as part of some theory, so that its use implies the acceptance of that theory

moisture-laden US English

(Of air or clouds) carrying a lot of moisture

bin Laden, Osama US English

(1957–2011), Islamic militant, born in Saudi Arabia. He was regarded as the founder of al-Qaeda and the mastermind behind the September 11 terrorist attacks. Following the attacks, he went into hiding, but was tracked down and killed by US special forces in Pakistan

unladen US English

Not carrying a load

overladen US English

Having too large or too heavy a load

laden US Thesaurus

a tray laden with plates

laden English-Spanish


doom-laden English-Spanish


a heavily laden truck in heavily English-Spanish

un camión con una carga muy pesada

words laden with menace in laden English-Spanish

palabras cargadas de amenaza

the train was fully laden in laden English-Spanish

el tren iba hasta los topes

a moisture-laden atmosphere in laden English-Spanish

una atmósfera cargada de humedad

the table was laden with food in laden English-Spanish

la mesa estaba repleta de comida

the galleon was laden with treasure in treasure English-Spanish

el galeón estaba lleno de riquezas

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