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lantern US English

A lamp with a transparent case protecting the flame or electric bulb, and typically having a handle by which it can be carried or hung

gas lantern US English

A lantern in which the combustion of gas is used as a source of light; (now especially) one used while camping.

lantern fly US English

A chiefly tropical bug which is typically brightly coloured and may have a large bizarrely shaped head. It was formerly thought to be luminescent

lantern jaw US English

A long, thin jaw and prominent chin

dark lantern US English

A lantern with a movable panel that can be used to hide the light

globe lantern US English

= globe lamp.

lantern fish US English

A deep-sea fish that has organs on its body that emit light, seen chiefly when it rises to the surface at night

lantern slide US English

A mounted photographic transparency for projection by a magic lantern

lantern wheel US English

A cylindrical gearwheel

magic lantern US English

A simple form of image projector used for showing photographic slides

neep lantern US English

= turnip-lantern.

poop lantern US English

A lantern carried at the stern of a ship to serve as a signal at night.

safe lantern US English

= safety lamp.

storm lantern US English

A hurricane lamp

Chinese lantern US English

A collapsible paper lantern

Coleman lantern US English

A type of bright gasoline lamp used by campers

pumpkin lantern US English

A lantern made of the rind of a pumpkin hollowed out so as to be translucent.

safety lantern US English

= safety lamp.

Aristotle's lantern US English

A conical structure of calcareous plates and muscles supporting the rasping teeth of a sea urchin

Japanese lantern US English

Another term for Chinese lantern111.

Lantern Festival US English

Another name for Bon.

jack-o'-lantern US English

A lantern made from a hollowed-out pumpkin in which holes are cut to represent facial features, typically made at Halloween