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late US English

Doing something or taking place after the expected, proper, or usual time

late of in late US English

Formerly but not now living or working in a specified place or institution

late US Thesaurus

the train was late

later US Thesaurus

a later chapter

latest US Thesaurus

the latest reports from the region

late-late US English

Very late; especially occurring at a very late hour.

of late US English


late bird US English

A person who is accustomed to rise or go to bed late; a keeper of late hours.

late book US English

(In a school) a book in which the names of pupils arriving late are recorded.

late cut US English

A cut made with a delayed action so as to send the ball to the off side behind the wicket

late-day US English

Designating semi-formal clothing suitable for late afternoon or early evening wear.

late fee US English

A fee charged for the late arrival or delivery of something; specifically an increased or additional fee paid in order to secure the dispatch of a letter posted after the advertised time of collection, a late-letter fee (now rare).

late-life US English

Of, relating to, or occurring relatively late in a person's life.

late mark US English

A mark made beside a pupil's name in a register to indicate that he or she has arrived late.

late-term US English

Designating the latter part of pregnancy (especially the third trimester of a human pregnancy) or a fetus at this stage of gestation; of, relating to, or occurring in this part of pregnancy.

late dinner US English

A meal eaten late in the afternoon or evening.

late-houred US English

Occurring at a late hour; characterized by or keeping late hours.

late hours US English

The hours after most people have gone to bed, especially when spent socializing.

late inning US English

(Frequently in plural) any one of the innings towards the end of a game, especially the seventh or a later inning; also attributive, as late inning home run, late inning rally, etc.

late Latin US English

Latin of about ad 200–600

late-model US English

(Especially of a car) recently made or of a recent design

late-night US English

Happening late at night

late-onset US English

Denoting a medical condition occurring relatively late in life, especially as considered in relation to a different form of the same condition

late-picked US English

Designating fruit, crops, etc., picked or harvested relatively late in the season, especially grapes picked later than the general harvest.

late riser US English

A person who habitually gets out of bed at a late hour of the morning

late shift US English

A shift which begins during the latter part of the day, especially in the late afternoon or evening.

late tackle US English

An illegal tackle against an opponent who is no longer in possession of the ball.

late-tackle US English

To tackle (an opponent) illegally, when he or she is no longer in possession of the ball.

late adopter US English

A person or group that is slow to start using a new product or technology; specifically (chiefly Marketing) a type of consumer considered to be in the last two of five categories, gauged in terms of their readiness to adopt an innovation; also in extended use.

late bloomer US English

A plant which flowers relatively late, typically in late summer or early autumn.

late-blooming US English

(Of a plant) blooming relatively late in the growing season, typically in late summer or early autumn.

late-bottled US English

Designating port wine which is matured for longer before bottling than vintage port; frequently in late-bottled vintage (abbreviated LBV).

late-breaking US English

(Of a news story) that becomes public or breaks close to or after the print or broadcast deadline for a newspaper, newscast, etc.; (in extended use) very recent, up-to-date, last-minute.

late-gathered US English

(Of fruit or crops, especially grapes) gathered later than the general harvest; (of wine, especially sweet white wine) made from such grapes.

late-glacial US English

Of or relating to the later stages of the final glaciation, from the beginning of the rise in temperature about 15,000 years ago to about 10,000 years ago

late-harvest US English

Designating any of various types of wine, especially sweet white wine, made from grapes gathered later than the general harvest.

late licence US English

A licence allowing a public house, nightclub, etc., to serve alcohol beyond the usual hours.

late tackling US English

The action or practice of illegally tackling an opponent who is no longer in possession of the ball.

late capitalism US English

(Chiefly in Marxist thought) the latest or current stage in the development of capitalism, especially capitalism since the end of the Second World War (1945), seen as characterized by the dominance of multinational corporations, globalization, and consumerism, and as having permeated all areas of social and cultural life.

late developer US English

A person who matures or flourishes at a later age than usual

fashionably late US English

Deliberately arriving after an event has started, especially in order to prove one’s social status

the/one's late in late US English

(Of a specified person) no longer alive

keep late hours US English

Get up and go to bed late

late in the game US English

At a late stage in proceedings, especially too late to be useful

late heavy bombardment US English

An event suggested as having occurred during the early history of the solar system, when an exceptionally large number of asteroids may have collided with the terrestrial planets as they were being formed.

bloomer1 US English

A person who matures or flourishes at a specified time

starter US English

A person or thing that starts in a specified way

be late to the party US English

Become aware of or get involved in something long after others

fashionably US English

In a manner characteristic of, influenced by, or representing a current popular style or trend

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