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leaf US English

A flattened structure of a higher plant, typically green and bladelike, that is attached to a stem directly or via a stalk. Leaves are the main organs of photosynthesis and transpiration

bay leaf US English

The aromatic, usually dried, leaf of the bay tree, used in cooking

fig leaf US English

A leaf of a fig tree, often depicted as concealing the genitals in paintings and sculpture

drop leaf US English

A hinged table leaf

gold leaf US English

Gold that has been beaten into a very thin sheet, used in gilding

seed leaf US English

A cotyledon

tea leaf US English

A dried leaf of tea

true leaf US English

A foliage leaf of a plant, as opposed to a seed leaf or cotyledon

nose leaf US English

A fleshy leaf-shaped structure on the nose of many bats, used for echolocation

leaf curl US English

A plant condition distinguished by the presence of curling leaves, caused by environmental stress or disease

leaf-fall US English

The shedding of leaves by a plant

leaf fat US English

Dense fat occurring in layers around the kidneys of some animals, especially pigs

leaf fish US English

A small, deep-bodied, predatory freshwater fish, with mottled brownish-green coloration that gives it a leaflike appearance

leaf lard US English

Lard prepared from the leaf fat of a hog

leaf mold US English

Soil consisting chiefly of decayed leaves

leaf roll US English

A virus disease of potatoes marked by upward curling of the leaves

leaf spot US English

Any of a large number of fungal, bacterial, or viral plant diseases that cause leaves to develop discolored spots

curry leaf US English

A shrub or small tree native to India and Sri Lanka, the leaves of which are widely used in Indian cooking

scale leaf US English

A small modified leaf, especially a colorless membranous one, such as on a rhizome or forming part of a bulb

silver leaf US English

A fungal disease of ornamental and fruit trees, especially plum trees, resulting in silvery discoloration of the leaves

tendu leaf US English

The leaves of an Asian ebony tree, gathered in India as a cheap tobacco substitute

maple leaf US English

The leaf of the maple, used as an emblem of Canada

leaf beetle US English

A small beetle that feeds chiefly on leaves and typically has bright metallic coloring. Some kinds are serious crop pests

leaf green US English

A bright, deep green color

leaf insect US English

A large, slow-moving tropical insect related to the stick insects, with a flattened body that is leaflike in shape and color

leaf miner US English

A small fly, moth, beetle, or sawfly whose larvae burrow between the two surfaces of a leaf

leaf monkey US English

A leaf-eating, arboreal Asian monkey that is related to the langurs

leaf peeper US English

A person who visits particular areas, especially in New England, to view the autumn foliage

leaf roller US English

An insect, especially a small moth, whose larvae roll up the leaves of plants which they feed upon

leaf spring US English

A spring made of a number of strips of metal curved slightly upward and clamped together one above the other

leaf trace US English

A strand of conducting vessels extending from the stem to the base of a leaf

loose-leaf US English

(Of a notebook or folder) having each sheet of paper separate and removable

compound leaf US English

A leaf of a plant consisting of several or many distinct parts (leaflets) joined to a single stem

foliage leaf US English

A normal leaf, as opposed to petals and other modified leaves

walking leaf US English

another term for leaf insect.

leaf-nosed bat US English

A bat with a leaflike appendage on the snout

leaf warbler US English

A small, slender Old World songbird with a brown or greenish back and whitish or yellowish underparts

leaf-tailed gecko US English

A gecko with a wide, flat, leaf-shaped tail and skin color that blends with its surroundings

cotton-leaf worm US English

The larva of a migratory tropical moth that feeds on the leaves of the cotton plant and was formerly a major pest in North America

four-leaf clover US English

A clover leaf with four leaflets, rather than the typical three, thought to bring good luck

purple-leaf plum US English

A shrub or small tree with white flowers and small red and yellow edible fruit. Native to southwestern Asia, it is used as stock for commercial varieties of plum

oak leaf cluster US English

An attachment to a military decoration depicting a twig with oak leaves and acorns, indicating distinguished action or a subsequent award of the same decoration

shake like a leaf in leaf US English

(Of a person) tremble greatly, especially from fear

shake like a leaf US English

(Of a person) tremble greatly, especially from fear

leaf through in leaf US English

Turn over (the pages of a book or the papers in a pile), reading them quickly or casually

turn over a new leaf in turn US English

Start to act or behave in a better or more responsible way

turn over a new leaf US English

Start to act or behave in a better or more responsible way

flyleaf US English

A blank page at the beginning or end of a book

oakleaf lettuce US English

A red or green variety of lettuce that has leaves with serrated edges and a slightly bitter taste

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