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let1 US English

Not prevent or forbid; allow

let2 US English

(In racket sports) a play that is nullified and has to be played again, especially when a served ball touches the top of the net

-let US English

(Forming nouns) denoting a smaller or lesser kind

let in let1 US English

Not prevent or forbid; allow

to let US English

(Of a room or property) available for rent

to let in let1 US English

(Of a room or property) available for rent

let US Thesaurus

let him sleep for now

let's US English

Let us

let on US English

Reveal or divulge information to someone

let up US English

(Of something undesirable) become less intense or severe

let fly US English

Attack, either physically or verbally

let out US English

(Of lessons at school, a meeting, or an entertainment) finish, so that those attending are able to leave

let-off US English

A chance to escape or avoid something, especially defeat

let rip US English

Do something or proceed vigorously or without restraint

let alone US English

Used to indicate that something is far less likely, possible, or suitable than something else already mentioned

let fall US English

Draw (a perpendicular) from an outside point to a line

let down US English

(Of an aircraft or a pilot) descend before making a landing

let it go US English

Choose not to react to an action or remark

let's say US English

Used as a way of introducing a hypothetical or possible situation

let's in let1 US English

Used as a polite way of making or responding to a suggestion, giving an instruction, or introducing a remark

buy-to-let US English

Denoting or relating to a property bought by a person with the intention of letting it out rather than living in it

let me see US English

Used when one is pausing, trying to remember something, or considering one’s next words

play a let US English

(In tennis, squash, etc.) play a point again because the ball or one of the players has been obstructed

let me see US English

Said as an appeal for time to think before speaking

let it drop US English

Say or do no more about a matter or problem

let us in let1 US English

Used as a polite way of making or responding to a suggestion, giving an instruction, or introducing a remark

let me in let1 US English

Used to make a polite offer of help

let go in let someone/something go US English

Relinquish one’s grip on someone or something

let oneself go US English

Act in an unrestrained or uninhibited way

let's pretend US English

A game or set of circumstances in which one behaves as though a fictional or unreal situation were a real one

let someone in US English

Admit someone to a room, building, or area

let-out clause US English

A clause specifying a circumstance in which the terms of an agreement or contract shall not apply

let off steam US English

(Of a person) get rid of pent-up energy or strong emotion

let it be known US English

Ensure that people are informed about something, especially via a third party

let something drop US English

Casually reveal a piece of information

let someone know US English

Inform someone

let me tell you US English

Used to emphasize a statement

let's face it US English

Used to convey that one must be realistic about an unwelcome fact or situation

let someone down US English

Fail to support or help someone as they had hoped or expected

let something down US English

Lower something slowly or in stages

let something into US English

Set something back into (the surface to which it is fixed), so that it does not project from it

let someone off US English

Punish someone lightly or not at all for a misdemeanor or offense

let something off US English

Cause a gun, firework, or bomb to fire or explode

let someone out US English

Release someone from obligation or suspicion

let something out US English

Utter a sound or cry

let or hindrance US English

Obstruction or impediment

let something lie US English

Take no action regarding a controversial or problematic matter

let something ride US English

Take no immediate action over something

let something rip US English

Allow something, especially a vehicle, to go at full speed

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