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library US English

A building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow, or refer to

toy library US English

A collection of toys which may be borrowed by or for children.

film library US English

A collection of films, especially one kept for research or for borrowing or renting

free library US English

A library which the public are permitted to use without payment, especially one maintained out of public funds.

gene library US English

A collection of DNA fragments produced by cloning, typically from a particular organism

photo library US English

A collection or archive of photographs.

British Library US English

The national library of Britain, containing the former library departments of the British Museum. The principal copyright library, it was established separately from the British Museum in 1972, and moved to a new headquarters in 1998

county library US English

A public library run by the county authorities.

lending library US English

A public library from which books may be borrowed and taken away for a short time

library edition US English

An edition of a book that is of large size and has good-quality print and binding, especially the standard edition of a writer’s works

library school US English

A graduate school of a university teaching library science

library science US English

The study of collecting, preserving, cataloging, and making available books and other documents in libraries

mobile library US English

A large vehicle that travels around to allow people in smaller or more remote communities to borrow books

outlier library US English

A branch of a library situated at a distance from the main or central library.

program library US English

Computing = library.

public library US English

A library maintained for the use of the public, usually out of public funds.

Railway Library US English

A series of books published in cheap editions intended to be suitable for reading on a train journey.

rental library US English

A library that rents books and other material for a fee

rolling library US English

A library accommodated in a vehicle or on wheels so as to be transportable and able to operate in different places.

social library US English

A member-owned library maintained by subscription or by the purchase of shares.

Bodleian Library US English

The main research library of Oxford University, and one of six copyright libraries in the UK

copyright library US English

A library entitled to receive one free copy of each book, pamphlet, map, music sheet or score, and periodical published in the UK

library pictures US English

Footage used to illustrate a television news story that was recorded at an earlier time and is not recent

reference library US English

A library, typically one holding many reference books, in which the books are not for loan but may be read on site

circulating library US English

A small library with books lent for a small fee to subscribers

subscription library US English

A library supported or maintained by the subscriptions of individuals.

Library of Congress US English

The US national library, in Washington, DC

software library in library US English

A collection of programs and software packages made generally available, often loaded and stored on disk for immediate use