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lingual US English

Relating to, near, or on the side toward the tongue

audio-lingual US English

Of a theory or approach in the teaching of foreign languages: based on a system of drills in which the student repeats or adapts model sentences delivered orally or played aloud by the teacher.

lingual bone US English

Anatomy and Zoology the hyoid bone or (in early use) a segment of this; (also) a bone of the hyoid apparatus, especially in fishes or birds; (now rare).

lingual nerve US English

A sensory branch of the mandibular nerve that supplies the mucous membrane of the anterior part of the tongue and the floor of the mouth.

lingual tooth US English

Any of the teeth borne on the tongues of fishes and some other vertebrates.

lingual artery US English

A branch of the external carotid artery that supplies the tongue.

lingual ribbon US English

The odontophore or radula of a mollusc.

bilingual US English

(Of a person) speaking two languages fluently

trilingual US English

(Of a person) speaking three languages fluently

unilingual US English

Conducted in, concerned with, or speaking only one language

multilingual US English

In or using several languages