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liquor US English

Alcoholic drink, especially distilled spirits

liquor US Thesaurus

he liked his liquor

gas liquor US English

A solution of ammonia, ammonium salts, phenols, and other substances in water, produced in the manufacture of coal gas.

iron liquor US English

A solution of ferrous acetate, used as a mordant in dyeing.

malt liquor US English

Alcoholic liquor made from malt by fermentation rather than distillation; beer with a relatively high alcohol content

mash liquor US English

The water added to the malt in the process of mashing.

pot liquor US English

Liquid in which meat, fish, or vegetables have been boiled; stock

red liquor US English

A mordant solution for red dyes, typically a basic solution containing aluminium acetate.

black liquor US English

Any of various black liquids used in dyeing; specifically a solution of lead acetate used as a mordant; also called iron liquor; (now rare).

cocoa liquor US English

= chocolate liquor.

liquor store US English

A shop selling alcoholic drink for consumption elsewhere

mother liquor US English

The liquid remaining after a substance has crystallized out

oyster liquor US English

The liquid contained within the shell of a fresh oyster.