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live1 US English

Remain alive

live2 US English

Not dead or inanimate; living

live1 US Thesaurus

the greatest mathematician who ever lived

live2 US Thesaurus

live bait

live in US English

(Of an employee or student) reside at the place where one works or studies

live-in US English

(Of a domestic employee) resident in an employer’s house

go live US English

(Of a system) become operational

live for US English

Regard as the purpose or most important aspect of one’s life

live off US English

Depend on (someone or something) as a source of income or support

live out US English

(Of an employee or student) reside away from the place where one works or studies

live with US English

Share a home and have a sexual relationship with (someone to whom one is not married)

live bait US English

Small living fish or worms used to entice prey

live blog US English

A blog providing commentary on an event while it is taking place, typically in the form of frequent short updates

live-born US English

Born alive, not stillborn

live load US English

The weight of people or goods in a building or vehicle

live oak US English

A large, spreading oak of the southern US that has leathery, elliptical evergreen leaves. Live oaks typically support a large quantity of Spanish moss and other epiphytes

live one US English

A racehorse which is worth betting on (now rare).

live rail US English

A rail supplying electric current to an electric train or other vehicle

live wire US English

An energetic and unpredictable person

live-work US English

Denoting or relating to property that combines residential living space with commercial or manufacturing space

real live US English

Used to emphasize the existence of something, especially if it is surprising or unusual

live rough US English

Live and sleep outdoors as a consequence of having no proper home

live action US English

(In filmmaking) action involving real people or animals, as contrasted with animation or computer-generated effects

live birth US English

A birth at which a child is born alive

live blood US English

The blood of a living person or animal. Also: blood drawn directly from a person or animal when living or immediately after death, especially while it remains unclotted or contains living cells.

live fence US English

A barrier made of living plants; a hedge.

live goods US English

= livestock; also in extended use.

live steam US English

Steam supplied direct from a boiler, as opposed to steam that comes from an exhaust or has already been used.

live-stream US English

Transmit or receive live video and audio coverage of (an event) over the Internet

live thorn US English

Constructed of quickthorn.

live-tweet US English

Post comments about (an event) on Twitter while the event is taking place

live weight US English

The weight of an animal before it has been slaughtered and prepared as a carcass

live it up US English

Spend one’s time in an extremely enjoyable way, typically by spending a great deal of money or engaging in an exciting social life

long live ——! US English

Said to express loyalty or support for a specified person or thing

live through US English

Survive (an unpleasant experience or period)

live together US English

(Especially of a couple not married to each other) share a home and have a sexual relationship

live up to US English

Fulfill (expectations)

live-baiting US English

The act or action of fishing with live bait.

live fencing US English

Fencing made of living plants.

live forever US English

Any of several plants belonging to the family Asteraceae (Compositae) having flowers which retain their shape and colour when dried; especially cudweed (genus Gnaphalium), and the pearly everlasting, Anaphalis margaritacea. Compare everlasting. Now rare.

live heading US English

= running title.

live register US English

A register of workers, especially used as an index for calculating percentage unemployment.

live in hope US English

Be or remain optimistic about something

live in sin US English

Live together as though married

well to live US English

Informal. Somewhat drunk; tipsy. Now historical.

live the dream US English

Have a lifestyle that is perceived as wonderful or perfect

live dangerously US English

Do something risky, especially on a habitual basis

live and let live US English

You should tolerate the opinions and behavior of others so that they will similarly tolerate your own

live like a king US English

Live in great comfort and luxury

live in the past US English

Have old-fashioned or outdated ideas and attitudes

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