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load US English

A heavy or bulky thing that is being carried or is about to be carried

a load of in load US English

A lot of (often used to express one’s disapproval or dislike of something)

load US Thesaurus

he has a load to deliver

no-load US English

(Of shares in a mutual fund) sold without a commission being charged at the time of sale

dead load US English

The intrinsic weight of a structure or vehicle, excluding the weight of passengers or goods

head-load US English

To carry (a load) on one's head; = head-carry.

live load US English

The weight of people or goods in a building or vehicle

load line US English

Another term for Plimsoll line.

pack-load US English

As much as can be carried in a pack.

part load US English

A load that is carried as part of a larger load.

peak load US English

The maximum of electrical power demand

safe load US English

A load which leaves the required margin of security against causing breakage or injury to a structure.

wind load US English

The force on a structure arising from the impact of wind on it

carbo-load US English

Consume a large quantity of carbohydrates, especially in order to increase stores of glycogen in the muscles before taking part in a sporting event

front-load US English

Distribute or allocate (costs, effort, etc.) unevenly, with the greater proportion at the beginning of an enterprise or process

limit load US English

The maximum load that a structure can carry under particular conditions without suffering damage; specifically that of an aircraft.

load factor US English

The ratio of the average or actual amount of some quantity and the maximum possible or permissible

point load US English

A load that acts at a single point.

power load US English

Total electrical power delivered or required, especially for purposes other than lighting.

proof load US English

A load which a structure must be able to bear without exceeding specified limits of deformation.

table-load US English

As much as a table can hold; (hence) a large quantity.

useful load US English

The load able to be carried by an aircraft in addition to its own weight

viral load US English

A measurement of the amount of a virus in an organism, typically in the bloodstream, usually stated in virus particles per milliliter

front-end load US English

The deduction of commission fees and expenses from mutual fund shares at the time of purchase

genetic load US English

The presence of unfavorable genetic material in the genes of a population

load-bearing US English

(Especially of a wall) supporting much of the weight of the overlying parts of a building or other structure

load-shedding US English

Action to reduce the load on something, especially the interruption of an electricity supply to avoid excessive load on the generating plant

working load US English

The maximum load that a machine or other structure is designed to bear during normal operation

allostatic load US English

The effects of chronic or repeated exposure to stressful environmental challenges.

load-and-go US English

An operating technique in which the loading and execution of a program form one continuous process; usually attributive.

structural load US English

The load on a structure resulting from the structure's own weight.

load the bases US English

(Of the team at bat) fill all three bases with runners; (of a pitcher) allow all three bases to be occupied by runners

load displacement US English

The weight of water displaced by a ship when laden

limit load factor US English

The load factor corresponding to the limit load of an aircraft.

get a load of US English

Used to draw attention to someone or something

get a load on US English

Become drunk

non-load-bearing US English

(Especially of a wall) that does not support (or is not designed to support) a structural load.

peak load pricing US English

A pricing system in which customers or passengers using a utility or service at a time of peak load are charged more than those using it off-peak.

load up on in load US English

Take, buy, or consume a large amount of

load someone/something with in load US English

Supply someone or something with (something) in overwhelming abundance or to excess

two bricks short of a load US English

(Of a person) stupid; crazy

take a load off someone's mind US English

Bring someone relief from anxiety

assload US English

A large number or amount of something

busload US English

A group of people travelling in a bus

carload US English

The number of people that can travel in an automobile

offload US English

Unload (a cargo)

preload US English

Load beforehand

vanload US English

An amount of people or things that can be carried in one van

baseload US English

The permanent minimum load that a power supply system is required to deliver

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