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logic US English

Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity

-logic US English

Equivalent to -logical (as in pharmacologic).

logic US Thesaurus

this case appears to defy all logic

chop logic US English

Argue in a tiresomely pedantic way; quibble

logic bomb US English

A set of instructions secretly incorporated into a program so that if a particular condition is satisfied they will be carried out, usually with harmful effects

logic gate US English

A device which performs a logical operation on one or more Boolean input signals to produce a Boolean output signal, typically used in digital circuits; also in extended use.

digital logic US English

A logical system in which each variable can take one of only two values, as true/false, on/off, etc.

formal logic US English

Logic based on argument involving deductively necessary relationships and including the use of syllogisms and mathematical symbols

logic circuit US English

A circuit for performing logical operations on input signals

logic problem US English

A puzzle in which the answer can be deduced from a given set of premises

psycho-logic US English

Logic which draws on or is informed by psychological observations and judgements. Now rare.

quantum logic US English

A three-valued logic for dealing with the observation and measurement of quantum phenomena (where simultaneous precise measurement of related variables is not necessarily possible), in which the distributive law of Boolean logic (that p and (q or r) implies (p and q) or (p and r)) does not hold.

cellular logic US English

Logic applicable to cellular automata and other devices that consist of an array of identical processing elements, each element handling a discrete part of a larger problem (such as the processing of an image composed of pixels) (frequently attributive).

logic chopping US English

The practice of engaging in excessively pedantic argument

positive logic US English

A method using electrical signals to represent binary digits, in which the positive signal is taken to represent 1 and the negative signal 0

symbolic logic US English

The use of symbols to denote propositions, terms, and relations in order to assist reasoning

Aristotelian logic US English

The traditional system of logic expounded by Aristotle and developed in the Middle Ages, concerned chiefly with deductive reasoning as expressed in syllogisms

mathematical logic US English

The part of mathematics concerned with the study of formal languages, formal reasoning, the nature of mathematical proof, provability of mathematical statements, computability, and other aspects of the foundations of mathematics

small-sword logic US English

Dialogue consisting of a series of short opposing arguments.

diode-transistor logic US English

Logic in which diodes rather than resistors form the coupling elements between transistors.

philosophical logic US English

The branch of philosophy which deals with the principal concepts of logic, such as reference, necessity, negation, etc.

arithmetic logic unit US English

A unit in a computer that carries out arithmetic and logical operations

programmable logic controller US English

A programmable controller based on logic circuits and used for automatically controlling real-time processes such as the operation of machinery and industrial processes; abbreviated PLC.

chop logic in chop1 US English

Argue in a tiresomely pedantic way; quibble