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lottery US English

A means of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers drawn at random

postcode lottery US English

A situation in which someone’s access to health services or medical treatment is determined by the area of the country in which they live

lottery US Thesaurus

play the lottery

lottery English-Spanish

lotería feminine

National Lottery English-Spanish

→ National Lottery

postcode lottery English-Spanish

situación en la cual la clase de tratamiento médico que se recibe depende del lugar donde se vive

lottery winner in lottery English-Spanish

ganador, -dora masculine, feminine de la lotería

I've won the lottery — no kidding! in kid English-Spanish

¡me ha tocado la lotería! — ¡no me digas!

what I need is a win in the lottery in win English-Spanish

lo que necesito es sacarme la lotería

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