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m US English


M1 US English

The thirteenth letter of the alphabet

M2 US English


M3 US English

Mutual inductance

m' US English

Short for my (representing the pronunciation used by lawyers in court to refer to or address the judge or a fellow barrister on the same side).

'm2 US English


m in M1 US English

The thirteenth letter of the alphabet

M in M1 US English

A shape like that of a capital M

meter1 US English

The fundamental unit of length in the metric system, equal to 100 centimeters or approximately 39.37 inches

thousand US English

The number equivalent to the product of a hundred and ten; 1,000

A & M US English

Agricultural and Mechanical (college)

h'm US English

Variant spelling of hem, hum.

I'm US English

I am

M-1 US English

A .30-caliber semiautomatic clip-fed rifle capable of firing eight rounds before reloading, the standard rifle used by US troops in World War II and the Korean War

M & A US English

Mergers and acquisitions

m/d US English

Months after date

O & M US English

Operations and maintenance

S & M US English


S-M US English


M. in mint1 US English

An aromatic plant native to temperate regions of the Old World, several kinds of which are used as culinary herbs

CP/M US English

A trademark for an operating system designed for single-user computers based on certain microprocessors.

M-16 US English

A lightweight, fully automatic assault rifle that shoots small-caliber bullets at an extremely high velocity, used by US troops after 1966

M-CSF US English

= macrophage colony-stimulating factor.

M-day US English

Mobilization day.

m'tutor US English

In some British public schools: one's tutor. Also in plural: one's tutorial group or class.

M and B US English

A pharmaceutical preparation originally marketed by the firm May and Baker, especially M & B 693 noun the antibiotic sulphapyridine. Also, with distinguishing number: any of other pharmaceutical preparations manufactured by May and Baker.

M-theory US English

A unified theory involving branes that subsumes eleven-dimensional supergravity and the five ten-dimensional superstring theories.

vitamin M US English

Another term for folic acid.

I'm easy US English

Said by someone when offered a choice to indicate that they have no particular preference

m-commerce US English

Electronic commerce conducted on mobile phones

I'm afraid US English

Used to express polite or formal apology or regret

Pei, I. M. US English

(1917-), US architect, born in China; full name Ieoh Ming Pei. He designed monumental public buildings, including the east wing of the National Gallery of Art 1978 in Washington, DC, the John F. Kennedy Library 1979 in Boston, and the pyramid entrance to the Louvre 1983–89 in Paris

James, M. R. US English

(1862–1936), English scholar and writer of ghost stories; full name Montague Rhodes James. He is noted for eerie tales collected in such volumes as Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1904)

Synge, J. M. US English

(1871–1909), Irish playwright; full name Edmund John Millington Synge. His The Playboy of the Western World (1907) caused riots at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, because of its explicit language and its implication that Irish peasants would condone a brutal murder

Bateman, H. M. US English

(1887–1970), Australian-born British cartoonist; full name Henry Mayo Bateman. He is known for the series of cartoons entitled ‘The Man Who ...’, which illustrated social gaffes based on snobbery

Coetzee, J. M. US English

(1940-), South African novelist; full name John Maxwell Coetzee. Notable works: In the Heart of the Country (1977), Life & Times of Michael K (1983), White Writing (1988), and Age of Iron (1990). Nobel Prize for Literature (2003)

Escher, M. C. US English

(1898–1972), Dutch graphic artist; full name Maurits Corneille Escher. His prints are characterized by their sophisticated use of visual illusion

Forster, E. M. US English

(1879–1970), English novelist and literary critic; full name Edward Morgan Forster. His novels include A Room with a View (1908) and A Passage to India (1924)

Ballantyne, R. M. US English

(1825–94), Scottish author; full name Robert Michael Ballantyne. He wrote acclaimed adventure stories, such as The Coral Island (1857)

Cohan, George M. US English

(1878–1942), US composer, playwright, actor, and producer; full name George Michael Cohan. Among his best known songs are “Yankee Doodle Dandy” (1904) and “Give My Regards to Broadway” (1904)

I'm a Dutchman US English

Used to express one’s disbelief or as a way of underlining an emphatic assertion

Montgomery, L. M. US English

(1874–1942), Canadian novelist; full name Lucy Maud Montgomery. She is noted for Anne of Green Gables (1908) and its sequels, set on Prince Edward Island

Turner, J. M. W. US English

(1775–1851), English painter; full name Joseph Mallord William Turner. He painted landscapes and stormy seascapes and became increasingly concerned with depicting the power of light with primary colors, often arranged in a swirling vortex. Notable works: Rain, Steam, Speed (1844) and The Fighting Téméraire (1838)

Tweed, William M. US English

(1823–78) US politician; known as Boss Tweed. As a New York City official and a state senator 1867–71, he became the leader of Tammany Hall, the executive committee of New York City’s Democratic Party and a ring of political corruption, that swindled the state treasury out of as much as $200 million. Convicted in 1873, he fled to Cuba and then Spain, but was extradited in 1876 and returned to a New York jail, where he died

I'll be damned if US English

Used to express a strong negative

well I'll be damned US English

Used as an expression of surprise

well, I'll be jiggered US English

Used to express one’s astonishment

M's in M1 US English

The thirteenth letter of the alphabet

S & M in SM US English


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