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major US English

Important, serious, or significant

Major in major US English

A system of change-ringing using eight bells

Major, Sir John US English

(1943-), British Conservative statesman; prime minister 1990–97. His premiership saw the negotiations leading to the Maastricht Treaty and progress toward peace in Northern Ireland

major US Thesaurus

the major North American writers

oil major US English

A leading international oil company.

Canis Major US English

A small constellation (the Great Dog), said to represent one of the dogs following Orion. It is just south of the celestial equator and contains the brightest star, Sirius

drum major US English

A noncommissioned officer commanding the drummers of a regimental band

major axis US English

The longer axis of an ellipse, passing through its foci

major-domo US English

The chief steward of a large household

major piece US English

A rook or queen

major road US English

A principal road, especially one classified as an A road or a B road; phrase major road ahead (used on British road signs until 1967).

major suit US English

Spades or hearts

major term US English

A term that occurs as the predicate of the conclusion of a syllogism.

mini-major US English

A company which is relatively large but still not amongst the largest in its sector.

pilot-major US English

A chief pilot.

pipe major US English

An NCO commanding regimental pipes and drums

quart major US English

A sequence of ace, king, queen, and jack of the same suit.

town major US English

The chief executive officer in a garrison town or fortress

Ursa Major US English

One of the largest and most prominent northern constellations (the Great Bear). The seven brightest stars form a familiar asterism known by various names (especially the Big Dipper and the Plow) and include the Pointers

brigade major US English

The principal staff officer to the brigadier in command at the headquarters of a brigade

major circle US English

Geometry a circle that encloses an ellipse and has a diameter coincident with its major axis.

major-domoing US English

Service as a major-domo.

major element US English

Specifically a chemical element that is present or required in relatively large amounts; (Biology) = macronutrient; (Geology) an element that constitutes more than 5 per cent of a rock.

major general US English

An officer in the US Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps ranking above brigadier general and below lieutenant general

major junior US English

The top level of junior competition; chiefly attributive.

major league US English

The highest-ranking league in a particular professional sport, especially baseball

major medical US English

Insurance designed to cover medical expenses due to severe or prolonged illness by paying all or most of the bills above a set amount

major penalty US English

A penalty requiring the player to leave the ice for five minutes.

major planet US English

Any of the eight planets of the solar system, as distinct from an asteroid or smaller body

major player US English

A leading figure in a particular field; (Business) a leading competitor in a particular market.

major premiss US English

The premiss that contains the major term of a syllogism.

major prophet US English

Any of the prophets after whom the longer prophetic books of the Bible are named; Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, or Daniel

subedar major US English

(Originally) an Indian officer in an infantry regiment of the British Indian Army, of a rank corresponding to major in the British Army (now historical); (now) a high-level junior commissioned officer in the Indian and Pakistani armies.

trumpet major US English

The chief trumpeter of a cavalry regiment, typically a principal musician in a regimental band

variola major US English

The original, usually severe form of smallpox, often having a mortality rate of 20–30%.

worker major US English

(In ants with workers of different types) a subcaste composed of the largest workers, having large heads and frequently functioning for defence; such a worker, especially a soldier ant.

major diameter US English

The outer or larger diameter of an object, especially a screw thread.

Major Mitchell US English

More fully Major Mitchell cockatoo. An Australian cockatoo, Cacatua leadbeateri, with pink face and underparts and white upperparts (also called Leadbeater's cockatoo).

Major-Mitchell US English

To pursue a zigzag course, originally as a method of exploration; to meander; to become lost.

rissaldar-major US English

An Indian officer in a cavalry regiment of the British Indian Army, of a rank corresponding to major in the British Army (now historical).

sergeant major US English

A noncommissioned officer in the US Army or Marine Corps of the highest rank, above master sergeant and below warrant officer

major tranquilizer US English

A tranquilizer of the kind used to treat psychotic states

pectoralis major US English

The main muscle of the chest, involved primarily in shoulder movement (including the downward movement of the wing in birds), in humans originating from the second to fourth ribs, clavicle, and sternum and inserting on the humerus.

drum-major general US English

(In the British army) a staff officer having overall charge of the provision and organization of drummers.

command sergeant major US English

A noncommissioned officer in the US Army ranking above first sergeant

company sergeant major US English

The highest-ranking non-commissioned officer of an infantry company

major histocompatibility complex US English

A genetic system that allows large proteins in immune system cells to identify compatible or foreign proteins. It allows the matching of potential organ or bone marrow donors with recipients

major histocompatibility locus US English

= major histocompatibility complex.

arcana US English

Either of the two groups of cards in a tarot pack: the twenty-two trump cards (the major arcana) and the fifty-six suit cards (the minor arcana)

major-domos in major-domo US English

The chief steward of a large household

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