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marine US English

Of, found in, or produced by the sea

marine US Thesaurus

marine plants

marine acid US English

Hydrochloric acid. Now historical.

marine band US English

A thin bed containing marine fossils, situated between non-marine strata.

marine blue US English

A dark blue colour; specifically the colour associated with the uniform of the Royal Marines.

marine glue US English

An adhesive mixture of shellac, rubber, etc., used in ship carpentry.

marine ivy US English

A trifoliate vine, Cissus trifoliata (formerly known as C. incisa), native to the southern United States and often grown as a house plant for its foliage; also called sorrel vine.

Marine One US English

The helicopter used by the president of the US

marine park US English

An area of the sea or seabed set aside for the conservation of marine organisms.

marine salt US English

A salt obtained from the sea. In Chemistry: (originally) sodium chloride; (later) any chloride.

marine snow US English

Aggregates of suspended or downward-drifting organic matter, living and dead organisms, and inorganic particles, which resemble snowfall when viewed by undersea investigators.

marine soap US English

A soap designed to lather well with seawater.

marine toad US English

Another term for cane toad.

marine borer US English

Any of various marine crustaceans and molluscs, such as the shipworm, Teredo navalis, and the gribble, Limnoria lignorum, which tunnel into timber that is exposed to sea water.

marine chart US English

A chart of the sea, especially for navigational purposes.

Marine Corps US English

A branch of the US armed services (part of the US Navy), founded in 1775 and trained to operate on land and at sea

marine court US English

A court hearing admiralty cases and other cases of maritime law.

marine engine US English

An engine for propelling a ship or boat.

marine grade US English

A quality of product specially formulated or treated to withstand use at sea.

marine iguana US English

A large lizard with webbed feet that swims strongly and feeds on marine algae. It is native to the Galapagos Islands and is the only marine lizard

Marine Police US English

A police force instituted 1798 (originally by private enterprise) to protect merchant shipping on the River Thames in the Port of London; a similar police force in other countries.

marine store US English

In plural The supplies and provisions needed on board a ship or other seagoing vessel; such supplies sold as items of merchandise.

Royal Marine US English

A member of the body of marines forming part of the British Royal Navy; chiefly in plural.

marine biology US English

The biology of plants and animals living in the sea.

marine engineer US English

An engineer who designs, operates, and maintains machinery and equipment used in ships, offshore installations, or elsewhere at sea

marine hospital US English

A hospital established for the use of sailors.

marine plywood US English

A strong type of plywood, used chiefly in boatbuilding, in which the layers of wood are bonded together with a water-resistant adhesive, usually phenol-formaldehyde resin.

marine quality US English

= marine grade adjective.

marine railway US English

A slipway with rails or rollers to facilitate the launching of boats, their handling for repair, etc.

marine science US English

Originally: the science of marine and naval matters. Later: the interdisciplinary study of the sea and the life, minerals, etc., it contains; each of the individual disciplines involved in this.

marine surveyor US English

A person who inspects and surveys ships in connection with insurance and repairs and who ensures that statutory requirements regarding safety, cargo, and personnel are met.

marine terrace US English

= wave-cut platform.

marine zoology US English

The study of animals living in the sea.

merchant marine US English

A country’s shipping that is involved in commerce and trade, as opposed to military activity

marine architect US English

A designer of boats and ships.

marine biological US English

Of or relating to marine biology.

marine biologist US English

A person engaged or expert in marine biology.

marine chronometer US English

An accurate chronometer mounted usually on gimbals, used on board ship in determining longitude by the comparison of the local time of noon with noon according to standard time.

marine scientific US English

Of or relating to marine science.

marine scientist US English

A person engaged in or expert in marine science.

marine zoological US English

Of or relating to marine zoology.

marine zoologist US English

A person engaged in or expert in marine zoology.

marine architecture US English

(The science or profession of) the design and construction of boats and ships.

marine crayfish in crayfish US English

another term for spiny lobster.

marine acid air in marine acid US English

Hydrochloric acid. Now historical.

Scotch marine boiler in Scotch boiler US English

A steam boiler having a cylindrical shell with one or more furnaces inside the lower part of it, the hot gases produced from combustion passing through tubes in the upper part, typically used to power steamships; more fully Scotch marine boiler.