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married US English

(Of two people) united in marriage

married in marry1 US English

Join in marriage

married US Thesaurus

a married couple

new-married US English

Newly married.

married life US English

The lifestyle or mode of life of a married couple.

married name US English

A surname that a woman takes from her husband when they marry and uses as her own surname

married print US English

A positive film carrying both pictures and a soundtrack.

never-married US English

That has never married.

well-married US English

That has a happy or advantageous marriage; fortunate in marriage.

married couple US English

A husband and wife; also (occasionally) in extended use.

married quarters US English

Accommodation provided at a military base for married servicemen or servicewomen and their families

marry1 US English

Join in marriage

marry into in marry1 US English

Become a member of (a family) by marriage

over-marry US English

To marry above one's station or beyond one's means.

remarry US English

Marry again

intermarry US English

(Of people belonging to different races, castes, or religions) become connected by marriage

marry money in marry1 US English

Marry a rich person

marry money US English

Marry a rich person

above US English

Considered of higher status or worth than; too good for