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matrix US English

An environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure

dot matrix US English

A grid of dots that are filled selectively to produce an image on a screen or paper

row matrix US English

A matrix comprising only a single row of elements.

active matrix US English

A display system in which each pixel is individually controlled

matrix number US English

The number assigned to a particular matrix by a record company.

metal matrix US English

= metal matrix composite; usually attributive.

payoff matrix US English

Etc., (in game theory) an array specifying the utilities to the players of all the possible outcomes of a game, conflict, etc.

photo-matrix US English

(Any of) a set of photographic images of characters used in electronic typesetting.

diagonal matrix US English

A matrix having nonzero elements only in the diagonal running from the upper left to the lower right

identity matrix US English

A square matrix in which all the elements of the principal diagonal are ones and all other elements are zeros. The effect of multiplying a given matrix by an identity matrix is to leave the given matrix unchanged

matrix metering US English

A system of exposure calculation in which an overall exposure setting is calculated by combining individual readings taken for several separate zones of the image area.

matrix printer US English

A printer in which each printed character is made up of a pattern of dots selected from a rectangular grid.

matrix sentence US English

(In transformational grammar) a sentence in which subordinate sentences may be embedded.

passive matrix US English

A display system in which individual pixels are selected using two control voltages for the row and column

adjacency matrix US English

A matrix representing the number of edges connecting each vertex of a graph.

matrix isolation US English

A technique for preparing free radicals or other unstable species by trapping them in a very cold inert substrate (such as solid argon) so that they can be studied spectroscopically

matrix mechanics US English

A form of quantum mechanics developed by W. Heisenberg in which the operators corresponding to physical coordinates (position, momentum, etc.) are represented by matrices with time-dependent elements.

dot matrix printer US English

A printer that forms images of letters, numbers, etc., from a number of tiny dots

metal matrix composite US English

A material composed of a matrix of aluminium alloy or other metal containing fibres or particles of a strengthening material such as ceramic.

matrix metalloproteinase in metalloproteinase US English

Any of a group of proteolytic enzymes containing a metal ion that is an essential part of the catalytic mechanism; especially (more fully matrix metalloproteinase) any of several groups of such enzymes that degrade proteins of the extracellular matrix, such as collagen.