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medusa US English

A free-swimming sexual form of a coelenterate such as a jellyfish, typically having an umbrella-shaped body with stinging tentacles around the edge. In some species, medusae are a phase in the life cycle that alternates with a polypoid phase

Medusa US English

The only mortal Gorgon, whom Perseus killed by cutting off her head

medusa fish US English

A fish of the cool temperate waters of the North Pacific, the young of which typically accompany jellyfishes and may feed on their tentacles

Medusa-like US English

Resembling Medusa, especially with reference to her hair.

Medusa's head US English

Zoology. Any of various echinoderms with multiply-branched arms, especially basket stars such as Gorgonocephalus; (formerly also) †the crinoid Cenocrinus asteria (formerly known as Pentacrinus caputmedusae) (obsolete).

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