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molar1 US English

A grinding tooth at the back of a mammal’s mouth

molar2 US English

Of or relating to mass; acting on or by means of large masses or units

molar3 US English

Of or relating to one mole of a substance

moler2 US English

A kind of diatomaceous earth found in Denmark and used elsewhere as a building material for its lightness and heat resistance.

molar-like US English

Resembling (that of) a molar tooth.

mulberry molar US English

A first molar tooth with a small, nodular, pitted crown resembling a mulberry, associated chiefly with congenital syphilis.

molar refraction US English

= molar refractivity.

molar refractivity US English

A quantity calculated from a function of the refractive index of a substance multiplied by its molecular weight and divided by its density, which can be taken as a measure of the volume occupied by a molecule of the substance.