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moth US English

A chiefly nocturnal insect related to the butterflies. It lacks the clubbed antennae of butterflies and typically has a stout body, drab coloration, and wings that fold flat when resting

Io moth US English

A large, mainly yellow North American moth of the silkworm moth family, with prominent eyespots on the hind wings

case moth US English

Any of various small moths with larvae that spin protective cases around themselves; especially a bagworm moth of the family Psychidae.

fox moth US English

A reddish-brown moth with a velvety black and orange caterpillar

goat moth US English

A large greyish moth, the caterpillar of which bores into wood and has a goat-like smell

hawk moth US English

A large swift-flying moth with a stout body and narrow forewings, typically feeding on nectar while hovering

luna moth US English

A very large North American moth that has pale green wings with long tails and transparent eyespots bearing crescent-shaped markings

meal moth US English

A small moth which infests mills, granaries, and other places where grain is stored. The larvae spin silken webs

mill moth US English

(Originally) a type of moth whose larvae feed on grain; (now) specifically the flour moth, Ephestia kuehniella (family Pyralidae).

moon moth US English

A large pale green silk moth with transparent eyespots on each wing and long tail-like projections on the hindwings

moth fly US English

Any of numerous tiny flies of the dipteran family Psychodidae, the body and wings of which are covered in long coarse hairs; also called owl midge.

moth hawk US English

The European nightjar, Caprimulgus europaeus.

moth hour US English

The time when moths are most in evidence.

moth-wing US English

The wing of a moth. Originally allusively with reference to something fragile or evanescent, or to someone drawn to temptation.

oak moth US English

Any of various moths whose larvae feed on and sometimes defoliate oaks; especially the leaf roller Tortrix viridana and (more fully California oak moth) the oakworm Phryganidia californica (family Dioptidae) of the western U.S.

owl moth US English

A very large noctuid moth of the genus Thysania, found in tropical South America.

pea moth US English

A noctuid moth, Cydia nigricana, whose larvae infest pea plants.

plum moth US English

A North American tortricid moth, Grapholita prunivora, having black-brown wings with yellow-grey markings, whose larvae infest apples, plums, and other fruits.

puss moth US English

A large furry greyish-white moth with darker markings. The boldly marked caterpillar rears up when threatened, waving whip-like appendages and spitting formic acid

reed moth US English

Any of various small moths which inhabit reed beds; specifically = reed leopard.

sea-moth US English

A small fish with bony plates covering the body and large pectoral fins that spread out horizontally like wings. It lives in the warmer waters of the Indo-Pacific

silk moth US English

See silkworm moth.

skin moth US English

Any of several small moths of the family Tineidae whose larvae feed on skins, owl pellets, and other organic material; (now) specifically the common and widespread Monopis laevigella.

wax moth US English

A brownish moth that lays its eggs in beehives. The caterpillars cover the combs with silken tunnels and feed on beeswax

almond moth US English

A small grey-brown pyralid moth, Ephestia cautella, which is a cosmopolitan pest of stored food products, especially dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.

apple moth US English

(Originally) the codling moth, Cydia pomonella (family Tortricidae); (later, usually with distinguishing word) any of several other moths that are pests of apples.

atlas moth US English

A very large, boldly marked silkworm moth that occurs in both the Old and New World tropics

carpet moth US English

A drab moth related to the clothes moth, the larvae of which feed on coarse textiles and animal hair

death moth US English

A real or imaginary moth that is said to herald a death.

flour moth US English

A grayish-yellow moth, the caterpillar of which is a pest of flour and cereal products

ghost moth US English

A medium to large swift moth, the male of which has white wings

gypsy moth US English

A tussock moth having a brown male and larger white female. The caterpillar can be a serious pest of orchards and woodland

heart moth US English

A rare European noctuid moth, Dicycla oo, which has pale yellowish-brown forewings with distinctive whitish markings.

honey moth US English

Either of the two wax moths, Achroia grisella and Galleria mellonella (family Pyralidae), both cosmopolitan pests of beehives.

hornet moth US English

A clearwing moth that resembles a hornet, with larvae that burrow under tree bark

house moth US English

Any moth that has a tendency to enter buildings and whose larvae damage textiles and are a pest of stored foodstuffs; especially either of two predominantly brownish moths of the family Oecophoridae, Hofmannophila pseudospretella and Endrosis sarcitrella, which has white foreparts.

lambda moth US English

= gamma moth.

magpie moth US English

A white moth with black and yellow spots, the caterpillars of which are similarly coloured and can be pests of fruit bushes

March moth US English

A drab European geometrid moth, Alsophila aescularia, which appears in early spring and has larvae that feed on fruit trees.

mining moth US English

Any of various moths whose caterpillars are leaf miners.

moth-borer US English

Any of various moths whose larvae damage plants by boring into stems, etc.; especially the sugar-cane borer, Diatraea saccharalis.

moth-eaten US English

Damaged or destroyed by moths

moth-hunter US English

An entomologist who studies moths.

moth orchid US English

Any orchid of the genus Phalaenopsis, the members of which have flat, spreading, brightly coloured petals suggestive of a moth, and are native especially to the Malay Peninsula; also called butterfly plant.

mouse moth US English

A small greyish brown noctuid moth, Amphipyra tragopoginis, which scuttles away when disturbed.

muslin moth US English

Any of various moths with semi-transparent wings; specifically a small dimorphic European moth, Diaphora mendica (family Arctiidae), the male of which is usually blackish and the female white with black spots.

orache moth US English

A European noctuid moth, Trachea atriplicis, now extinct in the British Isles, whose caterpillar feeds on orache and other plants.

orange moth US English

A Eurasian geometrid moth, Angerona prunaria, the males of which have speckled orange wings.

pepper moth US English

The peppered moth, Biston betularia.

plume moth US English

A small, slender, long-legged moth with narrow wings divided into feathery plumes. At rest, the wings are rolled and held out sideways, giving the moth the shape of a letter T

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