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motor US English

A machine, especially one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for some other device with moving parts

air motor US English

A machine which uses the energy of compressed air to supply motive power to a device with moving parts.

gas motor1 US English

A motor driven by the production, expansion, or combustion of gas.

gas motor2 US English

= gas engine.

jet motor US English

A jet engine.

motor oil US English

Oil used for lubricating an engine or component

motor-van US English

A motor-driven van.

motor area US English

A part of the central nervous system concerned with muscular action, especially the motor cortex

motor camp US English

A campsite catering for motorists, caravans, and tents

motor cell US English

Physiology a motor neuron.

Motor City US English

The city of Detroit, Michigan.

motor coach US English

Another term for coach3noun3noun3noun.

motor drive US English

A mechanical system that includes an electric motor and drives a machine

motor home US English

A motor vehicle equipped like a trailer for living in, with kitchen facilities, beds, etc.

motor house US English

A garage.

motor mower US English

A lawnmower driven by a motor

motor nerve US English

A nerve carrying impulses from the brain or spinal cord to a muscle or gland

motor-paced US English

Of, relating to, or designating a race in which a pacemaking motorcycle is used to provide a slipstream for the cyclist.

motor park US English

A car park (now chiefly W. Afr.).

motor point US English

A point in the motor cortex which, when stimulated electrically, produces the contraction of a specific voluntary muscle or group of muscles (now rare).

motor pool US English

Originally US Military, an area where motor vehicles are parked, repaired, and made available for use.

motor root US English

The ventral root of a spinal nerve, containing axons of motor neurons.

motor unit US English

A single motor neuron and the muscle fibres which it innervates.

motor-voter US English

Attributive designating any of various laws proposed or introduced to increase the numbers of citizens registering to vote by allowing them to register while applying for a driving licence, especially the National Voter Registration Act of May 1993, which provided for this among other extensions to registration facilities.

motor wind US English

A camera winding mechanism driven by a motor

motor yacht US English

A motor-driven boat equipped for cruising

motor zone US English

= motor area.

libero-motor US English

Concerned with or enabling voluntary movements.

linear motor US English

An electric induction motor that produces straight-line motion (as opposed to rotary motion) by means of a linear stator and rotor placed in parallel. It has been used to drive streetcars and monorails, where one part of the motor is on the underside of the vehicle and the other is in the track

motor bandit US English

A person who commits a crime using, or in connection with, a motor vehicle.

motor bicycle US English

= motorcycle.

motor-bicycle US English

To while (time) away on a motorcycle.

motor-boating US English

The action of driving or travelling in a motor boat, especially as a sport or leisure pursuit.

motor caravan US English

A motorhome

motor-coaster US English

A motorized vessel designed for use in coastal waters.

motor cortex US English

The part of the cerebral cortex in the brain where the nerve impulses originate that initiate voluntary muscular activity

motor-driven US English

Operated or controlled by a motor

motor glider US English

A glider equipped with an engine, primarily to make it self-launching; used especially in training glider pilots.

motor launch US English

See launch.

motor-minded US English

Psychol. Tending to learn as a result of, or think in terms of, the experience of muscular movements.

motor neuron US English

A nerve cell forming part of a pathway along which impulses pass from the brain or spinal cord to a muscle or gland

motor pacing US English

The action or practice of riding in the slipstream of a motorcycle in order to increase one's pace.

motor protein US English

A protein (usually an ATPase) that is involved in cell motility, typically by moving along a microfilament or other substrate.

motor racing US English

The sport of racing motor vehicles, especially cars

motor region US English

= motor area.

motor-school US English

A driving school.

motor spirit US English

Fuel for a motor vehicle, petrol.

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