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nada US English


nada Spanish-English


de nada in nada Spanish-English

you're welcome, it's a pleasure, don't mention it

nada más in nada Spanish-English

there's nothing else

ni nada in nada Spanish-English

he didn't tell me or anything, he didn't even tell me

para nada in nada Spanish-English

not … at all

nada que … in nada Spanish-English

it's already ten o'clock and there's still no sign of them

no duele nada in doler Spanish-English

it doesn't hurt at all

no dormí nada in dormir Spanish-English

I didn't sleep a wink

nada/nadie más in más Spanish-English

nothing/nobody else

no veo nada in no Spanish-English

I can't see a thing

nada más que in nada Spanish-English

the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

ahí es nada in nada Spanish-English

they made a couple of million … peanuts

como si nada in nada Spanish-English

she tells me as casual as you like, and she tells me as if it was nothing

estar en nada in nada Spanish-English

we very nearly missed the train

no oigo nada in oír Spanish-English

I can't hear anything

nada lo achica in achicar Spanish-English

nothing daunts him, he's not daunted by anything

nada lo asusta in asustar Spanish-English

he's not frightened, nothing frightens

dentro de nada in nada Spanish-English

very soon, in no time at all

salta por nada in saltar Spanish-English

he loses his temper

no hay nada más in nada Spanish-English

there's nothing else

nada más fui yo in nada Spanish-English

I was the only one who went

no pescamos nada in pescar Spanish-English

we didn't catch anything

eso no cambia nada in cambiar Spanish-English

that doesn't change anything

no/nada despreciable in despreciable Spanish-English

not inconsiderable, significant

nada lo entusiasma in entusiasmar Spanish-English

he never gets enthusiastic

no está nada mal in mal Spanish-English

he's/she's not at all bad

no tiene nada malo in malo Spanish-English

it's nothing serious

no dijo nada nuevo in nuevo Spanish-English

she didn't say anything new

es mejor que nada in nada Spanish-English

it's better than nothing

nadie me dio nada in nada Spanish-English

nobody gave me anything

surgió de la nada in nada Spanish-English

it came out of nowhere

ganó por una nada in nada Spanish-English

he won by a whisker

nada como un pez in nadar Spanish-English

she swims like a fish

el ser y la nada in ser Spanish-English

being and nothingness

¡tanto afán para nada! in afán Spanish-English

all that effort for nothing!

nada más, ¿cuánto es? in cuánto Spanish-English

that's all, how much is that (altogether)?

no llevo nada debajo in debajo Spanish-English

I'm not wearing anything underneath

no es nada escrupuloso in escrupuloso Spanish-English

he's completely unscrupulous

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