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natural US English

Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind

natural US Thesaurus

a natural occurrence

all-natural US English

Wholly natural; specifically (of food) containing no artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.

natural day US English

The period in which the earth turns once on its axis.

natural gas US English

Flammable gas, consisting largely of methane and other hydrocarbons, occurring naturally underground (often in association with petroleum) and used as fuel

natural ice US English

Ice made by cold weather rather than by artificial means.

natural law US English

A body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct

natural wit US English

Inborn intelligence; the innate faculty of reasoning.

arti-natural US English

Of or relating to the artificial imitation of nature, especially in landscape gardening.

natural area US English

A geographical area the distinguishing characteristics of which have arisen naturally and without planning.

natural birth US English

A vaginal birth, especially without medical intervention such as pain-relieving medication

natural body US English

A physical body, as opposed to a spiritual body: in later use only in allusion to 1 Corinthians 15:44.

natural-born US English

Having a specified innate characteristic or ability

natural fibre US English

Textile fibre made from natural as opposed to synthetic materials.

natural food US English

Food that has undergone a minimum of processing or treatment with preservatives

natural fool US English

A person who is deficient in intelligence from birth; a person born with a mental handicap.

natural glass US English

Any of various minerals (such as obsidian and tachylite) that resemble glass in their appearance and amorphous structure, having solidified from magma too quickly to crystallize.

natural heat US English

The inherent heat of the body.

natural high US English

A state of high spirits or euphoria induced without the use of drugs; (hence) a naturally occurring substance (as guarana, etc.) said to have effects similar to those of manufactured euphoria-producing drugs.

natural horn US English

= natural trumpet.

natural life US English

The expected span of a person’s life or a thing’s existence under normal circumstances

natural magic US English

(In the Middle Ages) magic practiced for beneficial purposes, involving the making of images, healing, and the use of herbs

natural order US English

The order presumed to be present in the constitution of matter and the operation of forces in nature and society.

natural park US English

= nature park.

natural parts US English

The genitals. Now archaic.

natural price US English

The (intrinsic) value of a commodity with respect to the costs of production, as distinguished from the fluctuating market value.

natural right US English

A right considered to be inherent or inalienable, especially in connection with the individual's relationship to the state and to society. Compare human rights.

natural scale US English

A musical scale containing no sharps or flats; specifically the scale of C major.

natural state US English

The state or condition in which something occurs in nature, untreated or unprocessed, as before the application of any manufacturing process; the condition to which a thing, person, or system tends in the absence of external influences.

natural unit US English

A unit of measurement that is considered to be natural; especially one based on the fundamental properties of the object, space, system, etc., under consideration.

natural year US English

The tropical or solar year

natural causes US English

Nature regarded as a (manifold) source of causation; the regular and predictable causes of a thing.

natural cement US English

A naturally occurring cement; specifically one made by calcining argillaceous limestone.

natural colour US English

A colour which something has by nature; specifically the colour of unbleached and undyed fabric or of unvarnished and unstained wood.

natural gender US English

The gender corresponding to the sex of a noun's referent, especially as opposed to the noun's grammatical gender; the grammatical classification of words on the basis of the sex (or sexlessness) of their referents.

natural history US English

The scientific study of animals or plants, especially as concerned with observation rather than experiment, and presented in popular rather than academic form

natural justice US English

Principles, procedures, or treatment felt instinctively to be morally right and fair

natural killer US English

(attributive) designating large granular lymphocytes, distinct from B and T lymphocytes, which are capable of killing certain tumour cells and virus-infected cells without prior sensitization or MHC restriction (especially in natural killer cell).

natural liberty US English

The freedom which a person or animal possesses in nature; specifically the state in which human beings are free to act as they think fit, unhindered by laws or regulatory social structures.

natural-looking US English

Natural in appearance, especially despite being artificially created or enhanced.

natural numbers US English

The positive integers (whole numbers) 1, 2, 3, etc., and sometimes zero as well

natural period US English

The time in which a freely oscillating system completes one cycle of oscillation.

natural person US English

A person having legal status as an individual, as distinguished from a corporate body, representative, etc.

natural reason US English

The innate human faculty of reasoning.

natural region US English

A geographical region characterized by a distinctive combination of climate, vegetation, relief, etc.

natural rubber US English

Rubber or rubber latex obtained from a plant, in contrast to synthetic rubber.

natural science US English

A branch of science that deals with the physical world, e.g., physics, chemistry, geology, and biology

natural spirit US English

A subtle fluid regarded as the principle of growth and nutrition and as being produced in the liver.

natural subject US English

A person who owes allegiance to a ruler; especially one who has been naturalized or made a subject.

natural trumpet US English

A horn or trumpet in which the length of the tube cannot be altered during performance (as by valves, etc.), so that the range of notes available is limited to its natural harmonics and some hand-stopped notes.

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