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net1 US English

A length of open-meshed material made of twine, cord, rope, or something similar, used typically for catching fish or other animals

net2 US English

(Of an amount, value, or price) remaining after a deduction, such as tax or a discount, has been made

the Net in net1 US English

The Internet

net in ton1 US English

An equivalent unit of net internal capacity

net1 US Thesaurus

fishermen mending their nets

net2 US Thesaurus

net earnings

Net US Thesaurus

their first communication was through the Net

net net US English

(Of a book or its price) not subject to any discount whatever; also net and net.

dip net US English

A small fishing net with a long handle

map-net US English

A network of lines representing meridians and parallels on which a map or plan can be represented.

net bag US English

The pocket of a bag-net.

non-net US English

(Of an amount) including tax and other sums in addition to the net amount

pig net US English

A type of strong net.

pot-net US English

A fishing net shaped like a pot.

set-net US English

A fishing net fastened in fixed position

tow net US English

A dragnet that is towed behind a boat to collect specimens

cast net US English

A net that is thrown out and immediately drawn in again, as opposed to one that is set up and left

drift net US English

A large net for herring and similar fish, kept upright by weights at the bottom and floats at the top and allowed to drift with the tide

empty net US English

An undefended goal; compare open goal.

field net US English

A large, fixed net used to trap animals, especially rabbits or hares.

gill net US English

A fishing net that is hung vertically so that fish get trapped in it by their gills

head net US English

A net worn over or placed around the head, especially for protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

heart net US English

A type of pound net incorporating a heart-shaped passage between the leader and the final enclosure.

life net US English

A net used to save the life of a falling person, especially a safety net held by rescuers to catch people jumping from a burning building.

midge net US English

A fine net to keep off midges.

mist-net1 US English

A net made of very fine threads, used to trap birds, etc., for ringing or examination.

mist-net2 US English

To trap in a mist-net.

nerve net US English

(In invertebrates such as coelenterates and flatworms) a diffuse network of neurons that conducts impulses in all directions from a point of stimulus

net asset US English

An asset (of a business, etc.) less all current liabilities; usually in plural.

net cord US English

A cord passing along and supporting the top of a net, especially a tennis net.

net fern US English

Any of various tropical ferns constituting the genera Gleichenia and Dicranopteris, noted for their tangled growth caused by the repeated dichotomous branching of the fronds; also called umbrella fern.

net game US English

A style of play taking place close to the net and in which the ball is generally volleyed.

net-layer US English

A naval vessel which lays anti-submarine nets.

net maker US English

A maker of nets or netting.

net-play US English

Play undertaken from a position close to the net; = net game.

net-rope US English

A rope attached to a net.

net user US English

A person who uses a net, especially a fishing net (also figurative).

net vault US English

A vault forming a netlike pattern of intersecting ribs.

net worth US English

The value (of a business, etc.) after all liabilities have been deducted from the true market value, as opposed to the book value, of the assets.

nose net US English

A net fastened over a horse's nose and mouth, e.g. to stop head-shaking or to keep flies off.

Petri net US English

A form of graph with directed edges and two kinds of node (one kind representing places and the other transitions, with each kind connected only to the other kind), which is used as a tool for modelling systems expressing both concurrency and sequential constraints.

point-net US English

Simple point lace (chiefly attributive).

pole net US English

A net attached to a pole or poles.

pound net US English

A fish trap formed by nets staked near the shore of a sea or lake, consisting of a long straight wall or leader, a first enclosure, and a second enclosure (the pound, bowl, or pocket), from which the fish cannot escape.

purse net US English

Another term for purse seine.

radar net US English

A network of radar stations; especially a radar fence.

radio net US English

A system of intercommunicating radio sets, operated especially by a police force or other organization.

reef net US English

A net used in reef net fishing.

ring net US English

Poetic. A coat of mail.

ring-net US English

To catch or fish for using a ring net.

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