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neutral US English

Not helping or supporting either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial

neutral US Thesaurus

a neutral judge

day-neutral US English

(Of a plant) having a flowering period that is unaffected by day-length, and hence typically having a long flowering or fruiting season.

neutral red US English

A dark green crystalline azine dye, C15H16N4·HCl, which forms a red solution in water or alcohol and is used as an acid-base indicator and as a biological stain (especially for granules and vacuoles in cells).

sex-neutral US English

Not differentiated on the basis of sex; suitable for both males and females.

Idiom Neutral US English

An international language based on Volapük, devised chiefly by W. Rosenberger, and first published in English in 1903.

neutral axis US English

A line or plane through a beam or plate connecting points at which no extension or compression occurs when the beam or plate is bent

neutral beam US English

A beam of particles having no electric charge.

neutral blue US English

A brown crystalline synthetic azine dye, C24H19N3·HCl, which dyes fabric a dull blue but has poor fastness.

neutral point US English

= neutral temperature.

neutral salt US English

A salt resulting from the neutralization of an acid by a base and having no acidic or basic character, especially when dissolved in water.

neutral tint US English

A grey-coloured mixed pigment used by artists.

neutral vowel US English

A central, usually unstressed, vowel sound produced with the tongue slack and the lips relaxed and having indefinite quality, especially schwa.

neutral wire US English

A wire connected to a neutral point of an electrical system (and usually also to earth).

neutral zone US English

The central area of a hockey rink, lying between the two blue lines

risk-neutral US English

Indifferent to or balanced with respect to financial risk

value-neutral US English

Not presupposing the acceptance of any particular values

carbon-neutral US English

Making no net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, especially through offsetting emissions by planting trees

colour-neutral US English

Making no reference to colour; specifically taking no account of differences in skin colour.

gender-neutral US English

Suitable for, applicable to, or common to both male and female genders

neutral corner US English

Either of the two corners of a boxing ring not used by the boxers and their handlers between rounds

neutral current US English

The exchange of an uncharged subatomic particle in an interaction between particles; (frequently attributive) designating an interaction mediated by such an exchange, in which there is no transfer of charge between the interacting particles.

neutral-density US English

Designating a filter that absorbs light of all wavelengths to the same extent and so causes no change in its colour.

neutral-dyeing US English

(Of a dye) able to be applied directly at approximately neutral pH.

neutral monism US English

The theory, first associated with Bertrand Russell and William James, that the world consists of one kind of primal entity or stuff which is fundamentally neither mental nor physical in character.

neutral monist US English

An adherent of neutral monism.

Neutral Nation US English

The peoples comprising the Neutral.

neutral orange US English

An orange-coloured mixed pigment used by artists.

neutral-tinted US English

Of a neutral tint; not brightly or clearly coloured.

neutral violet US English

A dark green crystalline azine dye, C22H24N6·HCl, which forms a violet solution in water or alcohol and is used as a biological stain and acid-base indicator.

Reform-Neutral US English

A reformed version of Idiom-Neutral with an even stronger Romance element, first proposed in 1907 and published in 1912 by W. K. Rosenberger and E. J. de Wahl.

revenue-neutral US English

(Of a change in taxation policy) that does not alter overall tax revenue, usually because it is offset by corresponding cuts or increases.

theory-neutral US English

Not influenced by a particular theory or theories.

daylength-neutral US English

= day-neutral.

neutral buoyancy US English

The property of being neutrally buoyant.

neutral temperature US English

The temperature at which no current is produced by two metals arranged to exhibit thermoelectricity.

neutral density filter US English

A photographic or optical filter that absorbs light of all wavelengths to the same extent, causing overall dimming but no change in color