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nitro US English

short for nitroglycerin.

nitro- US English

Of or containing nitric acid, nitrates, or nitrogen

nitro group US English

A group, —NO2, attached to an organic group in a molecule

nitro-BT US English

= nitroblue tetrazolium.

nitro-acid US English

An organic acid which has undergone nitration, usually by reaction with nitric acid.

nitro proof US English

(Of a gun) warranted as suitable for use with nitro powder.

nitro-prove US English

To prove or test (a firearm) as to suitability for use with nitro powder (usually in pass.).

nitro-aerial US English

Designating or relating to a substance or chemical principle supposedly present in both air and nitre and, according to the theories of John Mayow (1641–79), responsible for processes such as combustion, fermentation, and respiration.

nitro powder US English

Gunpowder prepared from nitro-compounds, typically containing either nitroglycerine or nitrocellulose, or both.

nitro-compound US English

An organic compound containing a nitro group.

nitro-derivative US English

A compound which is derived from another by the addition or substitution of a nitro group.

nitro-substituted US English

(Of a compound) having one or more substituents replaced by nitro groups.

nitro-substitution US English

Replacement of a hydrogen atom, or other group or radical, by a nitro group; nitration.

nitro-sulphurous US English

= nitrosulphureous.

nitroglycerin US English

An explosive yellow liquid made by nitrating glycerol, used in explosives such as dynamite. It is also used in medicine as a vasodilator in the treatment of angina pectoris