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nose US English

The part projecting above the mouth on the face of a person or animal, containing the nostrils and used for breathing and smelling

nose US Thesaurus

a punch on the nose

nose cone US English

The cone-shaped nose of a rocket or aircraft

nose job US English

An operation involving rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery on a person’s nose

nose leaf US English

A fleshy leaf-shaped structure on the nose of many bats, used for echolocation

nose rag US English

A handkerchief

nose ring US English

A ring fixed in the nose of an animal, typically a bull, for leading it

pug nose US English

A short nose with an upturned tip

brown-nose US English

A person who acts in a grossly obsequious way

by a nose US English

(Of a victory) by a very narrow margin

nose candy US English

An illegal drug that is inhaled, especially cocaine

nose flute US English

A musical instrument of the flute type played by blowing through the nose rather than the mouth, associated especially with Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands

nose guard US English

Another term for nose tackle.

nose tackle US English

A defensive lineman positioned opposite the center

nose wheel US English

A landing wheel under the nose of an aircraft

nose-wiper US English

A handkerchief

pope's nose US English

The fatty extremity of the rump of a cooked fowl

Roman nose US English

A nose with a high bridge

round-nose US English

(Of a tool) having the end rounded, so as to produce a rounded cut or surface or to prevent accidents or damage

Grecian nose US English

A straight nose that continues the line of the forehead without a dip

parson's nose US English

The fatty extremity of the rump of a cooked fowl

nose to tail US English

(Of vehicles) moving or standing close behind one another, especially in heavy traffic

on the nose US English

To a person’s sense of smell

Red Nose Day US English

A day of events and activities organized to raise money for charity (in the UK, on behalf of the organization Comic Relief)

blow one's nose US English

Clear one’s nose of mucus by blowing through it into a handkerchief

hold one's nose US English

Squeeze one’s nostrils with one’s fingers in order to avoid inhaling an unpleasant smell

follow one's nose US English

Trust to one’s instincts

under someone's nose US English

Directly in front of someone

thumb one's nose at US English

Show disdain or contempt for

keep one's nose clean US English

Stay out of trouble

pay through the nose US English

Pay much more than a fair price

poke one's nose into US English

Take an intrusive interest in

keep one's nose out of US English

Refrain from interfering in (someone else’s affairs)

speak through one's nose US English

Pronounce words with a nasal twang

lead someone by the nose US English

Control someone totally, especially by deceiving them

give someone a bloody nose US English

Inflict a resounding defeat on someone

have one's nose in a book US English

Be reading studiously or intently

it's no skin off my nose US English

(Usually spoken with emphasis on “my”) used to indicate that one is not offended or adversely affected by something

not see further than one's nose US English

Be unwilling or fail to consider different possibilities or to foresee the consequences of one’s actions

turn one's nose up at something US English

Show distaste or contempt for something

keep one's nose to the grindstone US English

Work hard and continuously

by a nose in nose US English

(Of a victory) by a very narrow margin

cut off one's nose to spite one's face US English

Hurt oneself in the course of trying to hurt another

on the nose in nose US English

To a person’s sense of smell

bluenose US English

A priggish or puritanical person

bullnose US English

A rounded edge on a surface or object

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