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oil US English

A viscous liquid derived from petroleum, especially for use as a fuel or lubricant

grease the wheels US English

Help something go smoothly

oil US Thesaurus

make sure the car has enough oil

langue d'oïl US English

The form of medieval French spoken north of the Loire, generally characterized by the use of oïl to mean ‘yes,’ and forming the basis of modern French

gas oil US English

A type of fuel oil distilled from petroleum

nut oil US English

Oil obtained from the kernels of nuts and used in cooking and to make paints and varnishes

oil age US English

An age in which oil is used extensively, especially as a source of power.

oil bag US English

A bag containing oil or for containing oil; (Nautical) a bag used to drip oil on to the sea to calm the waves. Also (formerly): †a bag to contain a substance from which oil is to be expressed (obsolete).

oil box US English

Christian Church a container for holy oil.

oil gas US English

A gaseous mixture derived from mineral oils by destructive distillation

oil-nut US English

More fully oil-nut tree. Any of various trees or shrubs that produce oil-rich nuts or large seeds; specifically (a) the castor oil plant, Ricinus communis; (b) the butternut, Juglans cinerea; (c) the buffalo-nut, Pyrularia pubera; (d) the oil palm, Elaeis guineensis.

oil pan US English

The bottom section of the crankcase of an internal combustion engine, serving as the reservoir for its lubricating oil

Oil Red US English

Any of several vivid red, oil-soluble azo dyes, especially (in full Oil Red O) one having the formula C26H24N4O, used as a histological stain for lipids.

oil rig US English

A structure with equipment for drilling and servicing an oil well

oil vat US English

A vat containing oil.

red oil US English

Oleic acid (now rare).

tar oil US English

A volatile oil obtained by distilling tar, sometimes used as an insecticide

tea oil US English

An oil resembling olive oil obtained from the seeds of the sasanqua and related plants, used chiefly in China and Japan

apple oil US English

A compound or mixture of chemicals used to imitate the flavour or scent of apples; especially the ester isoamyl isovalerate (C10H20O2).

argan oil US English

An aromatic culinary oil expressed from the seeds of the argan tree, native to an area of southwestern Morocco

baby oil US English

A mineral oil used to soften the skin

black oil US English

Any of various dark-coloured oils; (in later use) specifically a heavy mineral oil used for lubrication and fuel.

blue oil US English

= aniline.

case oil US English

Oil, especially paraffin, transported in metal cans packed in wooden cases.

coal oil US English

Another term for kerosene.

corn oil US English

An oil obtained from the germ of corn, used in cooking and salad dressings

crude oil US English

Unrefined petroleum

earth-oil US English

Petroleum, natural mineral oil.

fatty oil US English

Another term for fixed oil.

fixed oil US English

A nonvolatile oil of animal or plant origin

fuel oil US English

Oil used as fuel in an engine or furnace

fusel oil US English

A mixture of several alcohols (chiefly amyl alcohol) produced as a byproduct of alcoholic fermentation

good oil US English

Reliable information

green oil US English

Oil pressed from unripe olives.

grey oil US English

Any of several medicinal preparations containing mercury and one or more oily substances, typically administered by injection in the treatment of syphilis.

hair oil US English

Cosmetic oil used in styling a person’s hair

heavy oil US English

Any of the relatively dense hydrocarbons (denser than water) derived from petroleum, coal tar, and similar materials

liver oil US English

An oil obtained from the liver of a fish (or a cetacean).

motor oil US English

Oil used for lubricating an engine or component

mould oil US English

An oil applied to the inner surface of formwork to prevent concrete adhering to it.

myrrh oil US English

A volatile oil obtained from the exudate of a myrrh tree.

neck oil US English

Alcoholic drink, especially beer.

niger oil US English

= niger seed oil.

oil baron US English

A magnate in the oil industry

oil base US English

An oil used as a main ingredient in, or foundation or medium for, paint, varnish, perfume, or some other product (frequently attributive).

oil-based US English

Having oil as a medium or main ingredient

oil bath US English

A receptacle containing oil, used for cooling, heating, lubricating, or insulating equipment immersed in it

oil belt US English

A zone containing oilfields.

oil body US English

Botany and Microbiology (in various eukaryotic microorganisms and plant tissues) an intracellular inclusion consisting of a core of neutral lipids surrounded by a membrane monolayer of phospholipids.

oil boom1 US English

A sudden increase in economic activity or wealth as a result of the exploitation of mineral oil.

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