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ordnance US English

Mounted guns; artillery

ordnance US Thesaurus

the disposal of WWI ordnance continues

ordnance map US English

A map produced by the Ordnance Survey.

Ordnance Board US English

An organization responsible for the supply of military stores and equipment, a Board of Ordnance.

ordnance datum US English

The mean sea level as defined for Ordnance Survey

ordnance depot US English

A place where ammunition, weapons, and other military materials are stored

ordnance sheet US English

= ordnance map.

Ordnance Survey US English

(In the UK) an official survey organization, originally under the Master of the Ordnance, preparing large-scale detailed maps of the whole country

Ordnance Survey map US English

A map produced by the Ordnance Survey, an ordnance map.

Master of the Ordnance US English

(In the British Army) an officer with overall responsibility for the provision of military stores, artillery, and small arms, and for the maintenance of fortifications and coastal defences (from 1597 to 1600, the title was Great Master of the Ordnance).