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organic US English

Of, relating to, or derived from living matter

organic US Thesaurus

organic matter

all-organic US English

Entirely organic; specifically (of a method of farming or gardening) using no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

bio-organic US English

Of or relating to organic compounds involved or produced in biological processes; designating such compounds.

organic law US English

A law stating the formal constitution of a nation

pre-organic US English

Existing or occurring prior to the existence of organic life.

micro-organic US English

Of or relating to microorganisms.

organic metal US English

An organic compound or material having electrical or magnetic properties resembling those of metals.

organic soil US English

Soil that is naturally rich in organic matter (typically containing at least 20% organic matter by weight in a layer more than one meter in thickness).

organic world US English

(With the) the animal and vegetable kingdoms in combination; living things collectively; nature.

metallo-organic US English

= organometallic.

organic alkali US English

(Originally) an alkali of organic origin, an alkaloid (now historical); (in later use) any alkaline organic compound.

organic chemist US English

An expert in or student of the branch of science that deals with carbon compounds

pseudo-organic US English

Inorganic but closely resembling or simulating an organism or organic structure.

organic chemistry US English

The chemistry of carbon compounds (other than simple salts such as carbonates, oxides, and carbides)

organic molecule US English

(In the terminology of Buffon) any of the minute indivisible particles of which living things are constituted and by means of which they reproduce (now historical).

organic selection US English

A theory emphasizing the role of adaptive non-hereditary phenotypic or ontogenetic variations (especially those affecting the behaviour of an individual organism with respect to its environment) in evolutionary selection.

persistent organic pollutant US English

A hazardous organic chemical compound that is resistant to biodegradation and thus remains in the environment for a long time

nonorganic US English

Not relating to or derived from living matter

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