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owl US English

A nocturnal bird of prey with large forward-facing eyes surrounded by facial disks, a hooked beak, and typically a loud call

day owl US English

Any owl that hunts actively in daylight; especially the short-eared owl, Asio flammeus, and the northern hawk-owl, Surnia ulula.

elf owl US English

A tiny owl that nests in cacti and trees in the arid country of the southern US and Mexico

owl fly US English

= owl midge.

owl jug US English

A jug in the form of an owl, of a type originally made of faience and having a removable head used as a cup.

red owl US English

A reddish colour morph of the screech owl, Otus asio, of eastern North America.

barn owl US English

An owl with a heart-shaped face, dark eyes, and relatively long, slender legs. It typically nests in farm buildings or in holes in trees

brown owl US English

Another term for tawny owl.

eagle owl US English

A very large Old World owl with ear tufts and a deep hoot

eared owl US English

Any of various owls with ear tufts, (in later use) specifically one of the genus Asio.

grey owl US English

Any of several grey-brown owls; especially the tawny owl, Strix aluco, or (in later use) (US) the eastern screech owl, Megascops (or Otus) asio.

hawk owl US English

A hawklike owl with a small head and long tail, and typically an obscure facial disk

marsh owl US English

A medium-sized, predominantly brown owl, Asio capensis, which occurs chiefly in southern and eastern Africa (also more fully African marsh owl, Algerian marsh owl).

night owl US English

A person who is habitually active or wakeful at night

owl-faced US English

Having a face resembling that of an owl, with the eyes large and round, surrounded by circular markings, etc.; (of an object) bearing a representation or likeness of an owl's face.

owl-hole US English

A hole high up in the wall of a barn through which owls can enter to catch mice, etc.

owl-hoot US English

Dusk, nightfall. Now archaic and rare.

owl light US English

Dusk; twilight

owl moth US English

A very large noctuid moth of the genus Thysania, found in tropical South America.

owl time US English

The time when owls are abroad; dusk, twilight; night.

owl-wise US English

As wise as an owl; resembling or reminiscent of an owl in respect of wisdom.

pygmy owl US English

A very small owl found in America and northern Eurasia

scops owl US English

A small owl with distinctive ear tufts, found in Europe, Africa, and Asia

snowy owl US English

A large northern owl that breeds mainly in the Arctic tundra, the male being entirely white and the female having darker markings

tawny owl US English

A common Eurasian owl with either reddish-brown or gray plumage and a quavering hoot

white owl US English

Any of several owls of a predominantly white colour, especially the barn owl, Tyto alba, and the snowy owl, Nyctea scandiaca.

Arctic owl US English

Any of several owls of the family Strigidae of northern or Arctic regions; especially (in later use) the snowy owl, Nyctea scandiaca, the male of which is entirely white and the female white with darker markings.

barred owl US English

Large gray-brown North American owl with brown eyes and a barred pattern across the chest

church owl US English

The barn owl, Tyto alba.

little owl US English

A small owl with speckled plumage, native to Eurasia and Africa

masked owl US English

Any of several Australasian and Indonesian barn owls having the facial disc outlined in black; especially Tyto novaehollandiae of Australia and New Guinea.

mottled owl US English

The North American screech owl, Otus asio, especially in its grey morph (now disused).

owl glasses US English

Spectacles with large, round lenses, regarded as giving the wearer an owl-like appearance.

owl monkey US English

Another term for douroucouli.

owl parrot US English

Another term for kakapo.

owl pellet US English

A regurgitated pellet of bones, hair, and other indigestible parts of an owl's prey.

prairie owl US English

An owl found on the prairies; especially the burrowing owl, Athene cunicularia, or the short-eared owl, Asio flammeus.

saw-whet owl US English

A small North and Central American owl with a call that resembles the sound of a saw blade being sharpened

screech owl US English

A small American owl with a screeching call and distinctive ear tufts

laughing owl US English

US regional any of several North American owls, as the barred owl, Strix varia, or a screech owl (genus Megascops).

owl butterfly US English

A very large South American butterfly that flies at dusk, with a large eyelike marking on the underside of each hind wing

owl's wing US English

Attributive shaped like, or made from, an owl's wing.

flammulated owl US English

A small reddish-gray migratory American owl that sometimes occurs in loose colonies

monkey-faced owl US English

The barn owl, Tyto alba.

owl's clover US English

Any of several New World species of the genus Orthocarpus and occasionally also the closely allied genera Castilleja and Triphysaria (family Scrophulariaceae), which bear spikes of flowers that are typically colourful and enclosed in pigmented, multi-lobed bracts, and whose corollas, or the markings on these, are thought to be reminiscent of owl faces.

owl's crown US English

Heath (or wood) cudweed, Gnaphalium sylvaticum.

Richardson's owl US English

The boreal or Tengmalm's owl, Aegolius funereus; specifically one of the North American subspecies A. f. richardsoni.

short-eared owl US English

A migratory day-flying owl that frequents open country, found in northern Eurasia and North and South America

great grey owl US English

A very large grey owl with a large facial disc, Strix nebulosa, of northern coniferous forests in both Eurasia and North America.

African marsh owl US English

The marsh owl, Asio capensis.

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