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pageant US English

A public entertainment consisting of a procession of people in elaborate, colorful costumes, or an outdoor performance of a historical scene

pageant US Thesaurus

people dress up their dogs in wild costumes for the annual pageant

pageant car US English

= pageant cart.

pageant cart US English

A cart, usually owned and operated by a trade guild, on which medieval mystery plays were performed in the open air.

pageant-house US English

A building containing the stage and properties used for pageants.

pageant-like US English

Resembling a pageant; having the qualities of a pageant. Also as adverb: in the manner of a pageant.

pageant money US English

Money contributed for the production of a medieval mystery play.

pageant-pence US English

= pageant money.

pageant poet US English

A poet appointed to write pageants, especially for the Lord Mayor of London.

pageant stage US English

A stage on which a pageant is performed.

pageant wagon US English

= pageant cart.

history pageant US English

A commemorative play depicting scenes from history.

pageant-master US English

A person supervising the production of a pageant.

pageant-silver US English

= pageant money.

pageant vehicle US English

A vehicle used in a pageant; (formerly) specifically = pageant cart.