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pan1 US English

A container made of metal and used for cooking food in

pan2 US English

Swing (a video or movie camera) in a horizontal or vertical plane, typically to give a panoramic effect or follow a subject

pan3 US English

Variant spelling of paan.

Pan US English

A god of flocks and herds, typically represented with the horns, ears, and legs of a goat on a man’s body. His sudden appearance was supposed to cause terror similar to that of a frightened and stampeding herd, and the word panic is derived from his name

pan- US English

All-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group, religion, etc.

pan1 US Thesaurus

a heavy pan

pan2 US Thesaurus

the camera panned to the building

paan US English

Betel leaves prepared and used as a stimulant

pan in paan US English

Betel leaves prepared and used as a stimulant

pan-pan US English

An international radio distress signal, of less urgency than a mayday signal

Pan in chimpanzee US English

A great ape with large ears, mainly black coloration, and lighter skin on the face, native to the forests of western and central Africa. Chimpanzees show advanced behavior such as the making and using of tools

Pan in tragopan US English

An Asian pheasant of highland forests, the male of which has brightly colored plumage used in courtship

ash pan US English

A tray fitted beneath a grate in which ashes can be collected and removed

oil pan US English

The bottom section of the crankcase of an internal combustion engine, serving as the reservoir for its lubricating oil

pan out US English

Turn out well

pan-fry US English

Fry in a pan in a small amount of fat

iron pan US English

A hardpan in which iron oxides are the chief cementing agents

pan loaf US English

A loaf baked in a pan or tin

Peter Pan US English

The hero of J. M. Barrie’s play of the same name (1904), a boy with magical powers who never grew up

salt pan US English

A shallow container or depression in the ground in which salt water evaporates to leave a deposit of salt

tube pan US English

A round cake pan with a hollow, cone-shaped center, used for baking ring-shaped cakes

whip pan US English

A camera panning movement fast enough to give a blurred picture

Etosha Pan US English

A depression in the plateau in northern Namibia that is filled with salt water and has no outlets. It covers an area of 1,854 square miles (4,800 sq km)

frying pan US English

A shallow pan with a long handle, used for cooking food in hot fat or oil

muffin pan US English

A pan with cylindrical indentations used for baking cupcakes or muffins

pan-African US English

Of or relating to all people of African birth or descent

pan-Arabism US English

The principle or advocacy of political alliance or union of all the Arab states

pan-German US English

Of, relating to, or advocating pan-Germanism

pan-Indian US English

Of or relating to the whole of India, or to all its ethnic, religious, or linguistic groups

pan-Slavism US English

The principle or advocacy of the union of all Slavs or all Slavic peoples in one political organization

plough pan US English

A compacted layer in cultivated soil resulting from repeated ploughing

warming pan US English

A wide, flat brass pan on a long handle, filled with hot coals and used for warming a bed

pan-American US English

Of, relating to, representing, or involving all the countries of North and South America

pan-Germanism US English

The idea or principle of a political unification of all Europeans speaking German or a Germanic language

pan and scan US English

A technique for narrowing the aspect ratio of a widescreen movie to fit the squarer shape of a television screen by continuously selecting the portion of the original picture with the most significance, rather than just the middle portion

pan-Africanism US English

The principle or advocacy of the political union of all the indigenous inhabitants of Africa

pan-Americanism US English

The principle or advocacy of political or commercial and cultural cooperation among all the countries of North and South America

pan-and-tilt US English

Denoting a stand, tripod, or other item of mounting equipment that allows a camera to move in both horizontal and vertical planes

springform pan US English

A round cake pan with a removable bottom that is held in place by a sprung collar forming the sides

Tin Pan Alley US English

The name given to a district in New York City (not associated with any particular street, but with the area around 28th Street, between 5th Avenue and Broadway) where many songwriters, arrangers, and music publishers were formerly based

flash in the pan US English

A thing or person whose sudden but brief success is not repeated or repeatable

moo goo gai pan US English

A Cantonese dish consisting of chicken sautéed with mushrooms, vegetables, and spices

Peter Pan collar US English

A flat collar with rounded ends that meet at the front

Pan-American Highway US English

A road system initiated in the 1920s to link nations of the western hemisphere from Alaska to Chile. Gaps remain in Panama and Colombia. The Inter-American Highway is the section from the Texas-Mexico border south to Panama City

Pan-Africanist Congress US English

A South African political movement formed in 1959 as a militant offshoot of the African National Congress. It was outlawed in 1960 after the Sharpeville massacre, but continued its armed opposition to the South African government until it was legalized in 1990

bedpan US English

A receptacle used by a bedridden patient as a toilet

deadpan US English

Deliberately impassive or expressionless

dishpan US English

A large basin in which dishes are washed

panpipes US English

A musical instrument made from a row of short pipes of varying length fixed together and played by blowing across the top

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