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parliament US English

(In the UK) the highest legislature, consisting of the sovereign, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons

parliament US Thesaurus

the Russian parliament

Euro Parliament US English

The European Parliament.

Good Parliament US English

The parliament of 1376, which saw the first use of impeachment by the Commons and the emergence of the office of Speaker.

hung parliament US English

A parliament in which no political party has enough seats to secure an overall majority

Long Parliament US English

The English Parliament that sat from November 1640 to March 1653, was restored for a short time in 1659, and finally voted its own dissolution in 1660. It was summoned by Charles I and sat through the English Civil War and on into the interregnum that followed

Mad Parliament US English

(A name given to) the meeting of the barons at Oxford in 1258, which passed the ‘Provisions of Oxford’.

Parliament Army US English

The Parliamentarian forces in the English Civil War; = parliamentary army, New Model Army.

parliament cake US English

A thin flat type of gingerbread.

parliament man US English

A Member of Parliament, especially one well versed in parliamentary procedure and experienced in debate; a parliamentarian.

Parliament Roll US English

One of a series of rolled documents in which the acts and proceedings of the British Parliament were formerly recorded.

Rump Parliament US English

The part of the Long Parliament in Britain that continued to sit after the forced exclusion of Presbyterian members in 1648. It voted for the trial that resulted in the execution of Charles I

Addled Parliament US English

The Parliament of James I of England (James VI of Scotland), so known because it refused to accede to the king’s requests and was dissolved without having passed any legislation

great Parliament US English

Either of two important medieval English parliaments, that of 1295 in the reign of Edward I, and (more usually) that of 1397, in the reign of Richard II.

Little Parliament US English

The assembly of 120 members, nominated by Oliver Cromwell and his Council of Officers, which sat from 4 July to 12 Dec. 1653; = Barebone's Parliament.

Parliament chamber US English

A room in which Parliament or a parliament meets (formerly specifically that in the Old Palace of Westminster).

parliament hinge US English

A hinge which projects from a wall or frame far enough to allow a door or shutter to swing back against the wall.

parliament house US English

Frequently with capital initials. The building in which a parliament meets. Now usually without article (except when referring to the parliament house of a country other than that of the speaker).

Pension Parliament US English

= Pensioner Parliament.

reform parliament US English

A parliament elected under a new franchise stipulated by one of the Reform Acts of 19th and early 20th cent. Britain, especially the first parliament elected after the Great Reform Act of 1832.

Short Parliament US English

The first of two parliaments summoned by Charles I in 1640 (the other being the Long Parliament). Due to its insistence on seeking a general redress of grievances against him before granting the money he required, Charles dismissed it after only three weeks

Useless Parliament US English

The first parliament of Charles I, 18 June to 12 Aug. 1625.

Barebones Parliament US English

The nickname of Cromwell’s Parliament of 1653, from one of its members, Praise-God Barbon, an Anabaptist leather seller of Fleet Street. It replaced the Rump Parliament, but was itself dissolved within a few months

European Parliament US English

The Parliament of the European Community, originally established in 1952. From 1958 to 1979 it was composed of representatives drawn from the parliaments of member countries, but since 1979 direct elections have taken place every five years. Through the Single European Act (1987) it assumed a degree of sovereignty over national parliaments. The European Parliament meets in Strasbourg, and its committee is in Brussels

nominated Parliament US English

= Little Parliament.

parliament ordinance US English

An ordinance enacted by Parliament.

Pensionary Parliament US English

= Pensioner Parliament.

Pensioner Parliament US English

The second parliament of Charles II from 1661 to 1679, so called because of the widespread use of bribery as a means of parliamentary management.

Portuguese parliament US English

A rowdy discussion in which many people speak simultaneously.

unreported Parliament US English

(The name given to) the session of the British parliament which sat from 1768 to 1774, and of whose proceedings little was made known to the public.

Bluestocking Parliament US English

The nominated assembly of 1653 (also known as Barebone’s Parliament), the members of which wore puritanically plain clothing.

Houses of Parliament US English

(In the UK) the Houses of Lords and Commons regarded together, or the building where they meet (the Palace of Westminster)

Member of Parliament US English

A person formally elected to the UK national legislative body or other similar legislature elsewhere

Act of Parliament clock US English

A large 18th-cent. wall clock typically having gold numerals on an uncovered black or green dial and usually displayed in an inn, tavern, or similar establishment.