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party1 US English

A social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment

party2 US English

Divided into parts of different tinctures

party US Thesaurus

150 people attended the party

all-party US English

Involving all political parties

hen party US English

A social gathering of women

one-party US English

Relating to or denoting a system of government in which only one political party is permitted

party bag US English

A small bag of gifts given to those who attend a (children's) party to take away; also in extended use.

party boy US English

A (young) man who is a keen and frequent partygoer; (hence) one with a hedonistic lifestyle.

party hat US English

A brightly-coloured (frequently comical) hat made of paper, plastic, etc., worn by guests at a party.

party mix US English

Chiefly North American. A mixture of confectionery or savoury snacks such as nuts, pretzels, etc., often bought pre-packaged and designed to be served at a party.

pay party US English

A private party at which guests pay an entrance fee.

pin party US English

US a party to which pin-wearing members of a particular club or organization are invited.

pot party US English

A party held for the smoking of cannabis.

tea party US English

A social gathering in the afternoon at which tea, cakes, and other light refreshments are served

after-party US English

A party held after an event, especially a concert or another party

Baath Party US English

A pan-Arab political party founded in Syria in 1943. Different factions of the Baath Party hold power in Syria and formerly held power in Iraq

block party US English

A party for all the residents of a block or neighborhood, typically held on a closed-off city street

blues party US English

A party organized by West Indians or featuring West Indian music, often requiring payment to gain entry.

cross-party US English

Involving or relating to two or more political parties

foam party US English

A party, especially in a nightclub, at which guests dance and play in foam or soap suds

Green Party US English

An environmentalist political party

house party US English

A party at which the guests stay at a house overnight or for a few days

kirk party US English

A radical and uncompromising faction of the Scottish Covenanters.

kitty party US English

A regular social gathering of women in which each member contributes money to a central pool and lots are drawn to decide which member will get the entire sum

labor party US English

A political party formed to represent the interests of ordinary working people

lawn party US English

A garden party

micro party US English

A small political party, typically one focusing on a single issue

panic party US English

A group of crew members assigned to feign a departure in panic from a ship in order to lure or mislead an enemy; also in extended use (slang).

party boat US English

A boat available for renting by a group of people who want to go fishing

party cell US English

An organizational unit of a political party, especially the Communist Party.

party-down US English

Characterized by frequent and unrestrained partying, including the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs.

party favor US English

A gift, usually small and inexpensive, given to guests at a party

party foul US English

An act or instance of unpleasant or unacceptable behavior at a party or other social gathering

party girl US English

A (young) woman who is a keen and frequent partygoer; (hence) one with a hedonistic lifestyle; specifically a prostitute.

party-giver US English

A person hosting a party

party-going1 US English

The practice of attending parties, especially frequently.

party-going2 US English

Of a person: that regularly attends parties.

party hack US English

A person who does routine or undemanding work for a political party; a politician of limited talents.

party-like US English

Resembling or reminiscent of a party; suited to a party or celebration.

party line US English

A policy, or the policies collectively, officially adopted by a political party

party-liner US English

A person who adheres to the policies adopted by his or her political party; a politician who rarely deviates from the party line.

party list US English

A voting system used with proportional representation, in which people vote for a party rather than a candidate. Each party is assigned a number of seats that reflects its share of the vote

party piano US English

A boogie-woogie or barrelhouse style of piano-playing.

party piece US English

A poem, song, or trick regularly performed by someone in order to entertain others

party plan US English

A sales strategy involving the demonstration of goods at parties in people’s homes

party room US English

A room in which a party is held; a room for hire which can accommodate a large number of people.

party song US English

A song sung by, or associated with, a particular political group or faction.

party state US English

A state in which power is held exclusively by one political party.

party time US English

A time for partying; a time for enjoying oneself.

party trick US English

A trick such as might be performed at a party for entertainment; an unusual act regarded as one's speciality.

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