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pea US English

A spherical green seed that is widely eaten as a vegetable

pea-bug US English

= pea weevil.

pea gun US English

A pea-shooter.

pea ore US English

Pisolitic iron ore.

pea pod US English

The pod or legume of the pea plant, which contains the peas.

earth pea US English

Any of various chiefly leguminous plants producing edible seeds in underground pods; especially (in early use) a pea, Lathyrus amphicarpus, originating in Syria.

field pea US English

A pea plant of a variety grown chiefly for fodder or as green manure

grass pea US English

A plant of the pea family which is cultivated as food for animals and humans, though excessive consumption can lead to lathyrism

green pea US English

A pea harvested and eaten while still green, soft, and unripe; a garden pea; usually in plural.

grey pea US English

The field pea, Pisum arvense.

heart pea US English

= heart-seed.

issue pea US English

A pea or other small globular body placed in an ulcer, wound, etc. in order to maintain drainage or provoke suppuration.

milk pea US English

Any of several prostrate plants of the genus Galactia (family Fabaceae (Leguminosae)), native to the warmer parts of America.

mouse-pea US English

Any of various kinds of wild vetch, especially bitter vetch, Lathyrus linifolius, and tufted vetch, Vicia cracca. Also: the fruit of such a vetch.

no-eye pea US English

A pigeon pea of the variety Cajanus cajan var. flavus, which has pure yellow flowers.

pea aphid US English

A common aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum, which feeds on the sap of leguminous plants and is found worldwide as a pest of peas and other legumes; also green pea aphid.

pea bean US English

A variety of kidney bean with small rounded seeds

pea-bird US English

The northern wryneck, Jynx torquilla. Now English regional (southern).

pea-bough US English

= pea stick.

pea bulb US English

A very small round electric light bulb.

pea-bush US English

Any of various Australian leguminous shrubs, especially of the genus Sesbania (family Fabaceae (Leguminosae)).

pea comb US English

A triple comb occurring in some varieties of domestic fowl (from its supposed resemblance to a pea blossom).

pea crab US English

Another term for oyster crab.

pea dove US English

A dove, Zenaida aurita, of the West Indies and Florida.

pea-eater US English

An animal which has been poisoned as a result of eating Darling pea, a poisonous plant of South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales

pea-finch US English

The chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs.

pea flour US English

Flour made from dried split peas

pea green US English

A yellowish green color like that of pea soup

pea grit US English

Geology pisolitic limestone.

pea-hull US English

The shell or pod of a pea.

pea lamp US English

= pea bulb.

pea-make US English

An implement with a curved blade, used for reaping peas, etc.

pea meal US English

Meal made by grinding peas; = peasemeal.

pea moth US English

A noctuid moth, Cydia nigricana, whose larvae infest pea plants.

pea rifle US English

A rifle with a thick barrel, firing small, round, pea-like bullets.

pea shell US English

= pea pod.

pea-shoot US English

To shoot peas at (a person or thing) using a pea-shooter; also figurative. Also (occasionally) without object.

pea soup US English

Soup made from peas, especially a thick, yellowish-green soup made from dried split peas

pea-soupy US English

Resembling or reminiscent of pea soup (applied especially to thick fog).

pea-stake US English

= pea stick.

pea stick US English

A stick used to support a garden pea plant.

pea straw US English

The stalks and leaves of the pea plant, used as fodder or for mulching.

pea-time US English

The time for harvesting peas. Chiefly in figurative and similative expressions, especially in the last of pea-time (and variants): a time or condition of exhaustion, indigence, or decline; a person or thing in such a condition.

pea tree US English

A shrub or small tree with yellow pealike flowers, native to Siberia and grown as an ornamental

pea-viner US English

A machine for picking, washing, and grading peas.

snap pea US English

Another term for sugar snap.

snow pea US English

A pea of a variety with an edible pod, eaten when the pod is young and flat

split pea US English

A pea dried and split in half for cooking

sweet pea US English

A climbing plant of the pea family, widely cultivated for its colorful fragrant flowers

white pea US English

A pea with a white or very pale skin; any variety of pea producing such seeds.

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