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peace US English

Freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility

no rest for the weary US English

One’s heavy workload or lack of tranquility is due to one’s own choices, or to one’s sinful life

peace US Thesaurus

can't a man get any peace around here?

at peace US English

Free from anxiety or distress

peace day US English

A day on which peace is achieved (following a war, etc.).

peace man US English

A man who favours or advocates peace.

make peace US English

Re-establish friendly relations; become reconciled

peace belt US English

A belt of wampum used by North American Indians as a sign of peace.

peace bond US English

A bond required by a court from an individual deemed to pose a threat to the safety or property of others, intended to deter that person from disturbing the peace.

peace camp US English

An informal encampment set up as a public protest against a military establishment or an aspect of military policy

Peace Corps US English

An organization sponsored by the US government that sends young people to work as volunteers in developing countries

peace game US English

An exercise in the maintenance of international peace.

peace-guild US English

A guild established for the maintenance of peace; = frith-guild.

peace lily US English

A tropical plant of the genus Spathiphyllum (family Araceae), several varieties of which are cultivated for their white spathes; also called peace plant.

peace line US English

A line of demarcation drawn to avert conflict.

peace march US English

A march conducted during peacetime, or on peaceful terms, rather than as a tactic of war; especially a march organized in celebration of the conclusion of peace. Now rare.

peace order US English

A court order offering protection to certain classes of person who are not eligible to petition for a protective order

peace park US English

A public park created to commemorate the end of a war or to promote the ideal of peace.

peace pipe US English

A tobacco pipe offered and smoked as a token of peace among North American Indians

peace plant US English

= peace lily.

peace prize US English

An award presented in recognition of a contribution to the promotion of peace (chiefly with reference to the Nobel Prize).

Peace River US English

A river that flows for 1,194 miles (1,923 km) from northern British Columbia into Alberta to the Slave River

peace sign US English

A sign of peace made by holding up the hand with palm turned outward and the first two fingers extended in a V-shape

peace talk US English

A discussion about peace or the ending of hostilities, especially a conference or series of discussions aimed at achieving peace

peace walk US English

A walk in support of peace.

peace work US English

Efforts to promote, preserve, or restore peace.

Roman peace US English

= Pax Romana.

British peace US English

A state or period of relative peace in the countries of the former British Empire, seen as resulting from the British presence and administration.

English peace US English

Peace established within Britain and the British Empire and dominions; an instance of this; = British peace.

peace-breaker US English

A person who violates peace or stirs up strife; a disputatious or quarrelsome person; a person who commits a breach of the peace, a violator of public order.

peace economy US English

An economy characteristic of peacetime, in which defence expenditure is relatively low and only a small part of the labour force is engaged in arms production, etc.

peace garden US English

A public garden created to commemorate the end of a war or to promote the ideal of peace.

peace-loving US English

Inclined to avoid conflict or aggression

peace marcher US English

A person who takes part in a peace march.

peace officer US English

A civil officer appointed to preserve law and order, such as a sheriff or police officer

Peace People US English

(With plural concord) a peace movement established in Northern Ireland in 1976 to campaign for a peaceful resolution of the conflict there.

peace pledge US English

An undertaking to abstain from fighting or to promote peace.

peace process US English

A series of initiatives, talks, etc., designed to bring about a negotiated settlement between warring or disputing parties.

peace studies US English

The academic study of the causes of conflict and other matters relating to the establishment or maintenance of peace.

peace symbol US English

A symbol regarded as emblematic of peace; especially the symbol (consisting of a circle bisected by a vertical diameter with an inverted V in the lower half) adopted by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and other movements.

peace talker US English

A person who negotiates or advocates peace; a person who takes part in peace talks.

peace-talking US English

That talks of peace.

peace-trained US English

(Of a soldier, etc.) trained during peacetime.

peace warrant US English

A warrant for arrest issued by a justice of the peace.

peace worker US English

A member of a workforce during peacetime (rare).

peace dividend US English

A sum of public money that becomes available for other purposes when spending on defense is reduced

peace movement US English

A broad movement opposed to preparations for war, especially a movement in Britain and western Europe attempting since the 1950s to bring about a reduction in or elimination of nuclear weapons

peace offensive US English

An active movement or campaign directed towards the achievement of peace.

peace offering US English

A propitiatory or conciliatory gift

kiss of peace US English

A ceremonial kiss given or exchanged as a sign of unity, especially during the Christian Eucharist

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