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peach1 US English

A round stone fruit with juicy yellow flesh and downy pinkish-yellow skin

peach2 US English

Inform on

peach fly US English

An insect infesting peach trees, such as a peach aphid or a peach borer.

peach oak US English

The willow oak, Quercus phellos.

peach pie US English

A pie made with peaches.

peach pip US English

= peach pit.

peach pit US English

A peach stone.

blood peach US English

Any of several varieties of peach having deep red flesh; especially = Indian peach.

peach aphid US English

An aphid infesting peach trees; especially = peach-potato aphid.

peach-bells US English

The peach-leaved bellflower, Campanula persicifolia.

peach black US English

A black pigment made from calcined peach stones.

peach-bloom US English

A matte glaze of reddish pink, mottled with green and brown, used on fine Chinese porcelain since around 1700

peach-blow US English

another term for peach-bloom.

peach borer US English

= peach tree borer.

peach curl US English

= peach leaf curl.

peach-down US English

The soft, downy skin of a peach; chiefly in extended use.

peach fuzz US English

The down on the chin of an adolescent boy whose beard has not yet developed

peach house US English

A building in which peaches are grown under glass.

peach Melba US English

A dish of ice cream and peaches with liqueur or sauce

peach palm US English

The palm Bactris gasipaes, widely cultivated in tropical America for its large red and orange fruit which is edible and highly nutritious when cooked.

Peach State US English

A nickname for the state of Georgia.

peach water US English

(Originally) a flavouring extract obtained from peach leaves, having a flavour of bitter almonds; (now) bottled water with a peach flavour.

peach wood US English

A red dyewood obtained from certain tropical American trees of the family Caesalpiniaceae (Leguminosae), especially Caesalpinia echinata.

almond-peach US English

A hybrid between the almond and peach which is used as a rootstock.

Indian peach US English

Any of several varieties of peach tree naturalized in North America, formerly thought to be indigenous; especially one bearing fruit having deep red flesh.

native peach US English

The acid fruit of either of two Australian trees, the quandong, Santalium acuminatum, and the emu-apple, Owenia acidula.

peach blight US English

Brown rot of peaches, caused by the fungus Monilinia fructigena.

peach blossom US English

A European woodland moth that has brownish wings with pink markings

peach brandy US English

Brandy distilled from the fermented juice of peaches; a drink of this.

peach cobbler US English

A cobbler made with peaches.

peach colour US English

A soft, yellowish-pink colour resembling that of a ripe peach.

peach-leaved US English

Having lanceolate leaves resembling those of a peach tree.

peach yellows US English

A disease of cultivated peach trees, especially in North America, characterized by yellowing and distortion of the foliage with stunting and eventual death of the tree, and caused by a mycoplasma-like organism.

peach-coloured US English

Of a colour resembling that of ripe peaches or of peach blossom.

peach leaf curl US English

A disease of peaches, nectarines, and almonds, caused by the fungus Taphrina deformans and characterized by blistering, thickening, discoloration, and curling of leaves, and sometimes also by infection of shoots and fruits.

peach-potato aphid US English

The aphid Myzus persicae, which overwinters especially on peach and nectarine and in summer infests potato and many other herbaceous plants, being a major aphid vector of plant viruses.

peach tree borer US English

Either of two clearwing moths, Synanthedon exitiosa and S. pictipes, whose larvae bore through the bark of peach trees.

peach twig borer US English

A small grey moth, Anarsia lineatella, whose larvae are a major pest of fruit trees, especially peaches, apricots, and others of the genus Prunus, attacking young shoots and twigs in spring and fruit in summer.

cling US English

(Of a person or animal) hold on tightly to

peach tree in peach1 US English

The Chinese tree that bears the peach

Newington peach in Newington US English

More fully Newington peach. Any of several varieties of clingstone peach and nectarine. Frequently with distinguishing word, as early Newington, late Newington, old Newington.

the Georgia Peach in Cobb, Ty US English

(1886–1961), US baseball player; full name Tyrus Raymond Cobb; also known as the Georgia Peach. His lifetime batting average (.367) is the highest in major league history. An outfielder, he played for the Detroit Tigers 1905–26 and the Philadelphia Athletics 1927–28. Baseball Hall of Fame (1936)