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peach1 US English

A round stone fruit with juicy yellow flesh and downy pinkish-yellow skin

peach2 US English

Inform on

peach-bloom US English

A matte glaze of reddish pink, mottled with green and brown, used on fine Chinese porcelain since around 1700

peach-blow US English

another term for peach-bloom.

peach fuzz US English

The down on the chin of an adolescent boy whose beard has not yet developed

peach Melba US English

A dish of ice cream and peaches with liqueur or sauce

Peach State US English

A nickname for the state of Georgia.

peach blossom US English

A European woodland moth that has brownish wings with pink markings

cling US English

(Of a person or animal) hold on tightly to

peach tree in peach1 US English

The Chinese tree that bears the peach

the Georgia Peach in Cobb, Ty US English

(1886–1961), US baseball player; full name Tyrus Raymond Cobb; also known as the Georgia Peach. His lifetime batting average (.367) is the highest in major league history. An outfielder, he played for the Detroit Tigers 1905–26 and the Philadelphia Athletics 1927–28. Baseball Hall of Fame (1936)