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per- US English

Through; all over

per US English

For each (used with units to express a rate)

per. US English


per os US English

By way of the mouth; orally.

per se US English

By or in itself or themselves; intrinsically

per se US Thesaurus

possessing a knife was not per se an unlawful act

per pale US English

Divided by a vertical line

per aliud US English

By or in another entity; with reference to something else; extrinsically.

per ann. US English

= per annum.

per annum US English

For each year (used in financial contexts)

per anum US English

By the anus; now frequently in relation to sexual intercourse.

per diem US English

For each day (used in financial contexts)

per mill US English

One part in every thousand

per mille US English

By a specified amount in every thousand

per pais US English

Especially with reference to a criminal trial: before or by one's fellow countrymen, especially as represented by a jury. Chiefly in trial per pais. Compare country and the note there.

per pro. US English

Per procurationem (used when signing a letter on behalf of someone else; now usually abbreviated to pp)

per quod US English

Whereby, in consequence of; consequently.

per capita US English

For each person; in relation to people taken individually

per centum US English

= per cent.

per contra US English

On the other hand; on the contrary

per curiam US English

By decision of a judge, or of a court in unanimous agreement

per interim US English

Temporary; provisional.

per mensem US English

Chiefly with reference to a sum of money: (so much) every month, for or in each month, monthly.

per rectum US English

By way of the rectum; rectally.

per saltum US English

In one bound, without intermediate steps; all at once.

per stirpes US English

Among the branches of a family in equal shares, the share of each branch being subdivided equally among the members of that branch. Opposed to per capita.

per vaginam US English

By way of the vagina; vaginally.

per accidens US English

By chance, by virtue of some incidental or non-essential circumstance; contingently, indirectly.

per incuriam US English

Through or characterized by lack of due regard to the law or the facts

per-rotatory US English

Passing through a series of terms or objects as if arranged in a circle, so that one passes from the last immediately to the first again. rare.

one per cent US English

Designating partly skimmed milk containing one per cent milk fat; also as noun.

per impossibile US English

As is impossible.

as per in per US English

In accordance with

pay-per-click US English

(On the Internet) a business model whereby a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement

per procurationem US English

With reference to the authorized signing of documents by one person on behalf of another: by the agency of an official agent or attorney, by proxy; by the agency of; also in extended use. Also as adjective Compare per pro., procuration.

per my et per tout US English

By joint tenancy; jointly and wholly (so that the whole property passes to the survivor of joint tenants, rather than falling into the deceased tenant's estate, as is the case with a tenancy in common).

per fas et nefas US English

By right or wrong; by fair or unfair means; by any means (good or bad).

pone per vadium US English

A writ requiring the sheriff to secure sureties for the appearance of the defendant.

ignotum per ignotius US English

The action of offering an explanation that is harder to understand than the thing it is meant to explain

per recte et retro US English

Chiefly as a postpositive. Of a piece of music: containing a theme played both in the original form and in reverse; having the form of a canon cancrizans; written in this style.

obscurum per obscurius US English

An argument or proposition expressed in terms which are even less clear than the original; an explanation which is harder to understand than what it is meant to explain. Also as adjective and adverb Compare ignotum per ignotius.

per primam intentionem US English

By first intention; by bringing the edges of a wound into contact. Now usually in shortened form per primam.

per pale in pale2 US English

Divided by a vertical line

a hundred percent US English

Entirely; completely

percent US English

By a specified amount in or for every hundred

per cent in percent US English

By a specified amount in or for every hundred

per mil in per mill US English

One part in every thousand

per mil in per mille US English

By a specified amount in every thousand

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