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period US English

A length or portion of time

period US Thesaurus

a six-week period

period–luminosity US English

Designating or relating to a law relating the period of a variable star, especially a cepheid, to its luminosity, used in establishing its distance from the earth.

free period US English

A set division of the school day that is not allocated to a lesson

ice period US English

= ice age.

iron period US English

A mythological age of iron; the last and worst period of mankind following the golden, silver, brazen, and (sometimes) heroic periods; = Iron Age. Compare iron. Now rare.

period pain US English

Abdominal pain experienced during menstruation; an instance of this.

root period US English

That period of the development of language (or of a language) in which it is composed only of roots or radicals.

safe period US English

The time during and near a woman’s menstrual period when conception is least likely

human period US English

The period during which the genus Homo and especially the species Homo sapiens have existed on earth.

latent period US English

The period between infection with a virus or other microorganism and the onset of symptoms, or between exposure to radiation and the appearance of a cancer

middle period US English

The middle phase of a culture, an artist's work, etc.; frequently attributive.

period piece US English

An object or work that is set in or strongly reminiscent of an earlier historical period

quiet period US English

A legally mandated period of time preceding and following a company’s initial public offering when the company is prohibited from promoting its stock by releasing information not otherwise filed with regulators

advisory period US English

A school period set aside for the guidance or pastoral care of pupils.

critical period US English

A period during someone’s development in which a particular skill or characteristic is believed to be most readily acquired

glacial period US English

A period in the earth’s history when polar and mountain ice sheets were unusually extensive across the earth’s surface

latency period US English

Medicine and Physiology = latent period.

natural period US English

The time in which a freely oscillating system completes one cycle of oscillation.

payback period US English

The length of time required for an investment to recover its initial outlay in terms of profits or savings

period costume US English

(An item of) clothing that is a replica of that from an earlier historical period.

period doubling US English

(In chaos theory) a doubling of a period in a system exhibiting cyclic behaviour, following an incremental change of a system parameter (an indefinite sequence of such doublings marking the onset of chaotic behaviour).

question period US English

A period set aside for questions to be asked; specifically (Canadian) (also with capital initials) a period during parliamentary or legislative proceedings when members may question government ministers.

reindeer period US English

A loosely-defined period during the Upper Palaeolithic of western Europe, characterized by peoples who lived by hunting reindeer.

resting period US English

A period of rest or inactivity, especially a period of dormancy of a spore, seed, etc., before germination, or of a perennial plant between growing seasons.

sidereal period US English

The period of revolution of one body around another with respect to the distant stars

synodic period US English

The time between successive conjunctions of a planet with the sun

accounting period US English

A period of time for which accounts are prepared or presented.

cooling-off period US English

An interval during which two people or groups who are in disagreement can try to settle their differences before taking further action

incubation period US English

The period over which eggs, cells, etc., are incubated

Migration Period US English

= Migration Age.

period instrument US English

A musical instrument dating from, or made in the manner of, an earlier historical period, especially one contemporary with the piece of music it is being used to play.

refractory period US English

A period immediately following stimulation during which a nerve or muscle is unresponsive to further stimulation

replacement period US English

The period of time (typically) elapsing between the purchase of a new asset, piece of equipment, etc., and its replacement due to wear or obsolescence.

sensitive period US English

A time or stage in a person’s development when they are more responsive to certain stimuli and quicker to learn particular skills

grace period in grace US English

A period officially allowed for payment of a sum due or for compliance with a law or condition, especially an extended period granted as a special favor

menstrual period in period US English

A flow of blood and other material from the lining of the uterus, lasting for several days and occurring in sexually mature women who are not pregnant at intervals of about one lunar month until the onset of menopause

shoulder season US English

A travel period between peak and off-peak seasons

shoulder period in shoulder season US English

A travel period between peak and off-peak seasons

limitation period in limitation US English

A legally specified period beyond which an action may be defeated or a property right is not to continue

Muromachi period in Muromachi US English

The period of Japanese history during which the Ashikaga shoguns ruled the empire, from approximately the 14th to the 16th cent. Chiefly attributive, especially in Muromachi period (also called Ashikaga period), Muromachi shogunate.

Mississippian Period in Carboniferous US English

Of, relating to, or denoting the fifth period of the Paleozoic era, between the Devonian and Permian periods

Pennsylvanian Period in Carboniferous US English

Of, relating to, or denoting the fifth period of the Paleozoic era, between the Devonian and Permian periods