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phase US English

A distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something’s development

phase US Thesaurus

the final phase of the campaign

in-phase US English

Of or relating to electrical signals that are in phase

in phase US English

Being or happening in (or out of) synchrony or harmony

phase-in US English

A gradual introduction.

two-phase US English

(Of an electric generator, motor, or other device) designed to supply or use simultaneously two separate alternating currents of the same voltage, but with phases differing by half a period

color phase US English

A genetic or seasonal variation in the color of the skin, pelt, or feathers of an animal

phase angle US English

An angle representing a difference in phase, 360 degrees (2π radians) corresponding to one complete cycle

phase curve US English

A curve representing the relationship of a variable and the phase of something.

phase-down US English

A gradual reduction, a planned decrease.

phase field US English

A delimited area in a phase diagram representing a distinct equilibrium condition, especially of a metal alloy system.

phase-lock US English

Fix the frequency of (an oscillator or a laser) relative to a stable oscillator of lower frequency by a method that utilizes a correction signal derived from the phase difference generated by any shift in the frequency

phase plane US English

A plane in which the changing state of a system over time may be plotted with reference to two variables; a two-dimensional phase space.

phase rule US English

A rule relating the possible numbers of phases, constituents, and degrees of freedom in a chemical system

phase shift US English

A change in the phase of a waveform

phase space US English

A multidimensional space in which each axis corresponds to one of the coordinates required to specify the state of a physical system, all the coordinates being thus represented so that a point in the space corresponds to a state of the system

phase-wound US English

(Of an induction motor) having a secondary circuit in the form of windings.

split-phase US English

Denoting or relating to an induction motor or other device utilizing two or more voltages at different phases produced from a single-phase supply

three-phase US English

(Of an electric generator, motor, or other device) designed to supply or use simultaneously three separate alternating currents of the same voltage, but with phases differing by a third of a period

mirror phase US English

= mirror stage.

mobile phase US English

A fluid phase; (specifically in chromatography) the liquid or gas phase which carries the sample by diffusion through the stationary, adsorbing medium.

passing phase US English

A temporary situation or trend; specifically a temporarily difficult or unhappy period, especially in the life of an adolescent.

phase change US English

= phase shift.

phase changer US English

= phase converter.

phase diagram US English

A diagram representing the limits of stability of the various phases in a chemical system at equilibrium, with respect to variables such as composition and temperature

phase shifter US English

A circuit, device, etc., which introduces a change in the phase of an oscillation or waveform; (Electrical Engin.) a transformer which alters the power factor in an A.C. circuit by changing the phase relationship of voltage and current.

phase switch US English

A circuit or device which changes the phase of one signal relative to another; (Music) a circuit in one of a pair of pick-ups on an electric guitar, which puts the pick-ups out of phase with one another and alters the sound.

plateau phase US English

The second of four stages of human sexual response identified by William Masters, in which there is a period of intense sexual excitement lasting a variable but usually short time following a longer phase of increasing excitement and succeeded either by orgasm or by a longer period of decreasing excitement.

reverse phase US English

= reversed phase.

multiple-phase US English

= multiphase.

phase advancer US English

A device for advancing the phase of a waveform, signal, etc.; (Electrical Engin.) a device for increasing the power factor of an induction motor by generating a magnetizing current in the rotor circuit which leads the main rotor current in phase.

phase contrast US English

The technique in microscopy of introducing a phase difference between parts of the light supplied by the condenser so as to enhance the outlines of the sample, or the boundaries between parts differing in optical density

phase converter US English

A device which converts an alternating current into one having a different number of phases but the same frequency.

phase inverter US English

A phase splitter which produces two signals 180 degrees out of phase.

phase-modulate US English

To modulate or vary the phase of (a radio or other wave).

phase-modulated US English

Of a radio signal or other waveform: varied in respect of its phase.

phase portrait US English

The set of all possible curves in a phase plane or phase space describing the changing state of a system over time (different curves corresponding to different initial conditions).

phase reaction US English

A chemical or physical change which involves the transfer of material between phases, or the appearance or disappearance of a phase.

phase rotation US English

A rotation or cycling of the phase of a waveform; (Electrical Engin.) = phase sequence.

phase-sensitive US English

Sensitive to the phase of a vibration, current, etc.; (of a detector or other device) producing an output that is proportional to the phase difference between an input and a reference signal.

phase sequence US English

A sequence of phases; (Electrical Engin.) the order in which the different components of a polyphase system pass through the same phase.

phase-shifting US English

That causes or introduces a shift in the phase of an oscillation, waveform, etc.; that acts as a phase shifter.

phase splitter US English

A circuit or device which splits a single-phase voltage into two or more voltages differing in phase.

phase-splitting US English

Designating a circuit or device which splits a single-phase voltage into two or more voltages differing in phase.

phase velocity US English

The speed of propagation of a sine wave or a sinusoidal component of a complex wave, equal to the product of its wavelength and frequency

reversed phase US English

Designating a type of liquid chromatography in which the stationary phase is non-polar and the moving phase is a polar solvent, causing molecules to migrate in order of polarity, with the most polar migrating fastest.

phase displacement US English

A difference in phase between two alternating electrical currents or other waveforms.

phase distortion US English

Distortion involving change in the phase relations of the components of a waveform, caused especially by a difference in the speed of propagation for different frequencies.

phase microscope US English

A phase-contrast microscope.

phase microscopy US English

Phase-contrast microscopy.

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