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piles US English


pile1 US English

A heap of things laid or lying one on top of another

pile2 US English

A heavy beam or post driven vertically into the bed of a river, soft ground, etc., to support the foundations of a structure

pile3 US English

The soft projecting surface of a carpet or of a fabric such as velvet or flannel, consisting of many small threads

atomic pile US English

Dated term for nuclear reactor.

sheet pile US English

A pile that is pressed or molded from sheet metal or vinyl so as to interlock with other such piles to form a retaining wall or other piling installation

slush pile US English

A stack of unsolicited manuscripts that have been sent to a publishing company for consideration

compost heap US English

A pile of garden and organic kitchen refuse that decomposes to produce compost

funeral pyre US English

A pile of wood on which a corpse is burned as part of a funeral ceremony in some traditions