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pill1 US English

A small round mass of solid medicine to be swallowed whole

pill2 US English

(Of knitted fabric) form small balls of fluff on its surface

the pill in pill1 US English

A contraceptive pill

pill US Thesaurus

take one pill at bedtime

blue pill US English

Pharmacology. Any of various medicinal preparations containing metallic mercury or a compound of mercury, used especially in the treatment of syphilis and disorders of the liver, and as a purgative; (as a count noun) a tablet of such a preparation.

love pill US English

A dose of a love potion, typically in tablet form; (now also) any of various pills intended to improve libido, sexual performance, or sexual satisfaction.

male pill US English

A pill which enables a man to have sexual intercourse with a woman without the risk of making her pregnant.

mini-pill US English

A contraceptive pill containing progestin and not estrogen

pain pill US English

A painkiller.

pep pill US English

A pill containing a stimulant drug

pill bag US English

A bag in which pills are carried.

pill crab US English

A soft crab at the time of moulting.

pill slab US English

A slab on which to roll pills.

pill tile US English

A tile on which to roll pills.

pill worm US English

= pill millipede.

post-pill US English

Occurring after the oral contraceptive pill became widely available in the early 1960s.

rat pill US English

A pill to poison a rat; a pellet of rat poison.

red pill US English

Any medicinal pill encased in a red coating.

birth pill US English

A contraceptive pill

chill pill US English

A notional pill taken to make a person calm down or relax

female pill US English

A medicinal preparation intended specifically for the use of women, either to treat menstrual or other disorders, or as an abortifacient; usually in plural; (now chiefly historical).

happy pill US English

A tablet of an antidepressant or other drug, regarded as inducing a feeling of happiness or cheerfulness

liver pill US English

Any of various proprietary pills, typically with purgative properties, taken for the relief of symptoms attributed to the liver; compare hepatic.

pill beetle US English

A small convex beetle which is able to feign death by retracting its legs and contracting into a ball

pill coater US English

A machine for coating pills.

pill cooker US English

A person who smokes opium.

pill-monger US English

= pill-peddler.

pill popper US English

A person who regularly takes large numbers of pills, especially barbiturates or amphetamines

pill pusher US English

A person, specifically a doctor, who resorts too readily to advocating the use of medication to cure illness rather than considering other treatments

pill roller US English

A person who or thing which rolls pills, specifically (derogatory slang, chiefly US) a doctor; (US Military slang) a member of the medical corps, a medical orderly.

poison pill US English

A tactic used by a company threatened with an unwelcome takeover bid to make itself unattractive to the bidder

radio pill US English

A small device which uses radio signals to transmit measurements (of pressure, temperature, pH, etc.), especially from within the body; an endoradiosonde or radiotelemetry capsule.

smart pill US English

A (hypothetical or real) drug that increases or preserves cognitive ability or memory.

video pill US English

A capsule containing a tiny camera that, when swallowed, transmits photographs of the stomach and intestines to a recording device

abortion pill US English

A drug that can induce abortion, especially mifepristone

combined pill US English

An oral contraceptive containing both an oestrogen and a progestogen

Matthew's pill US English

A pill sold as an antidote to various poisons.

pill machine US English

A machine for making pills.

pill-peddler US English

A doctor or pharmacist.

pill-rolling US English

That rolls pills; (Medicine) involving a circular movement of the fingers and thumb, as though rolling a pill (of tremors, etc., as a symptom of certain disorders).

sleeping pill US English

A tablet of a drug that helps to induce sleep

perpetual pill US English

A pill consisting of antimony (formerly used as a laxative), which passing undigested through the body was thought to have an undiminished effect when reused.

pill millipede US English

Any of various millipedes of the order Glomerida which are able to roll into a ball, especially Glomeris marginata.

pill woodlouse US English

A woodlouse with a thick cuticle, which is able to roll up into a ball when threatened

aggregative pill US English

Any kind of pill formulated from several ingredients (with different actions) and used in the treatment of diseases believed to affect more than one system or part of the body, or to be caused by more than morbid humour.

morning-after pill US English

A contraceptive pill that is effective up to about seventy-two hours after intercourse

a bitter pill US English

An unpleasant or painful necessity (to accept)

birth control pill US English

A contraceptive pill

poison pill amendment US English

An amendment to a legislative bill that considerably weakens the bill’s intended effect, or ruins the bill’s chances of passing

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