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pin US English

A thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end and a round head at the other, used especially for fastening pieces of cloth

PIN US English

An identifying number allocated to an individual by a bank or other organization and used for validating electronic transactions

personal identification number US English

A number allocated to an individual and used to validate electronic transactions

PIN in personal identification number US English

A number allocated to an individual and used to validate electronic transactions

piend US English

The edge or angle formed by the meeting of two surfaces; a peak or apex; specifically any of the sloping ridges at the corners of a hipped or pavilion roof.

pin US Thesaurus

fasten the hem with a pin

key pin US English

A pin or thin rod used to hold something in place; compare sense A. 12a.

pin dot US English

A tiny dot, especially as part of a design on fabric; a fabric design using such dots.

pin-fit US English

To pin (especially a garment) into position during fitting or construction.

pin key US English

A key with a solid stem.

pin leg US English

An artificial leg. Also (in plural): narrow, spindly legs; stiff, inflexible legs.

pin man US English

In early use: a man who sells pins. In later use: a man who collects, sells, or trades souvenir pins or badges. Now rare.

pin-new US English

Brand new.

pin oak US English

A North American oak with deeply lobed, toothed leaves. Its dead branches remain in position and resemble pegs fixed in the trunk

pin rib US English

A fine rib woven into fabric.

bobby pin US English

A kind of sprung hairpin or small clip

crown pin US English

A pin or stopper used to close or secure the top of something or as a point of attachment at the top of something.

drift pin US English

A steel pin driven into a hole in a piece of metal to enlarge, shape, or align the hole

hand pin US English

(In a revolver) the pin on which the hand pivots.

multi-pin US English

Having more than two connecting pins.

nappy pin US English

A kind of large curved safety pin used for fastening a nappy.

oaken pin US English

Any of several tough varieties of apple; (originally) specifically †a late-ripening cooking apple noted for its keeping qualities (obsolete).

panel pin US English

A light, thin nail with a very small head

pin block US English

The part of a piano or harpsichord holding the tuning pins

pin bone US English

A projecting hip bone, especially of a horse or cow.

PIN code US English

= main sense.

pin curl US English

A curl that is held by a hairpin while setting

pin drill US English

A drill having a central projecting bit surrounded by a cutting face, used for countersinking.

pin-drop US English

Of silence: absolute, total. Of a pause, etc.: absolutely silent or clear.

pin-dust US English

Brass filings, or a similar powder, used to absorb ink on paper, or in the process of gilding. Compare pounce. Now historical and rare.

pin-eyed US English

Of a heterostylous plant (especially one of the genus Primula) or its flowers: having a long style so that the stigma is visible at the mouth of the corolla tube, with the stamens inserted lower down. Opposed to thrum-eyed.

pin-fire US English

Designating a form of cartridge for a breech-loading gun, fired by a pin thrust by the hammer of the lock into the fulminate.

pin flag US English

A miniature flag attached to a pin.

pin grass US English

Either of two European species of storksbill, Erodium cicutarium and E. moschatum, that are naturalized in the south-western United States and used as fodder.

pin-heel US English

A high pointed heel.

pin-high US English

(Of a ball) at the same distance from the tee as the hole, but off to one side

pin hinge US English

A hinge in which the two leaves are pivoted on a pin passing through a sheath in each.

pin-hook US English

A small hook made from or resembling a pin, especially one used for fishing.

pin-horse US English

The middle horse in a team of three draught horses, or the third horse in a team of four, harnessed one behind the other.

pin-joint US English

A joint in which two parts are connected by a pin passing through an eye in each.

pin lever US English

A lever with one or more projecting metal pins; (Watchmaking and Clockmaking) a pin pallet escapement; a watch having such an escapement.

pin lock US English

A lock having or operated by a pin; specifically (a) a lock having a pin on to which the hollow shank of a key fits; (b) a lock operated by a pin which, when inserted, prevents the opening of a sliding door or window.

pin-mark US English

A circular impression on the side of a piece of type, made by the ejection mechanism of the casting mould.

pin money US English

A small sum of money for spending on inessentials

pin paper US English

A paper wrapper for holding pins; (figurative) a collection of samples.

pin party US English

US a party to which pin-wearing members of a particular club or organization are invited.

pin-patch US English

A periwinkle (the mollusc).

pin plate US English

A plate with a hole for the pin in a pin joint.

pin pool US English

A game resembling billiards, played with three balls and five small pins.

pin-rack US English

A rack or frame on the deck of a ship in which belaying pins are fixed to secure running rigging.

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