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pin US English

A thin piece of metal with a sharp point at one end and a round head at the other, used especially for fastening pieces of cloth

PIN US English

Personal identification number

pin US Thesaurus

fasten the hem with a pin

personal identification number US English

A number allocated to an individual and used to validate electronic transactions

PIN in personal identification number US English

A number allocated to an individual and used to validate electronic transactions

pin oak US English

A North American oak with deeply lobed, toothed leaves. Its dead branches remain in position and resemble pegs fixed in the trunk

bobby pin US English

A kind of sprung hairpin or small clip

drift pin US English

A steel pin driven into a hole in a piece of metal to enlarge, shape, or align the hole

panel pin US English

A light, thin nail with a very small head

pin block US English

The part of a piano or harpsichord holding the tuning pins

pin curl US English

A curl that is held by a hairpin while setting

pin-high US English

(Of a ball) at the same distance from the tee as the hole, but off to one side

pin money US English

A small sum of money for spending on inessentials

split pin US English

A metal cotter pin with two arms passed through a hole, held in place by the springing apart of the arms

taper pin US English

A short round metal rod having a small degree of taper that enables it to act as a stop or wedge when driven into a hole

thole pin US English

A pin, typically one of a pair, fitted to the gunwale of a rowboat to act as the fulcrum for an oar

wrest pin US English

A pin to which the strings of a piano or harpsichord are attached

cotter pin US English

A metal pin used to fasten two parts of a mechanism together

drawing pin US English

British term for thumbtack.

firing pin US English

A movable pin in a firearm that strikes the primer of a cartridge to set off the charge

gudgeon pin US English

A pin holding a piston rod and a connecting rod together

pin bullock US English

Each of a pair of bullocks at the rear of a team pulling a large vehicle

PIN number US English

Personal identification number

rolling pin US English

A cylinder rolled over pastry or dough to flatten or shape it

safety pin US English

A pin with a point that is bent back to the head and is held in a guard when closed

tuning pin US English

A pin to which the strings of a piano or harpsichord are attached

belaying pin US English

A pin or rod, typically of metal or wood, used on board ship and in mountaineering to secure a rope fastened around it

chip and PIN US English

A way of paying for goods by debit or credit card whereby one enters one’s personal identification number in an electronic device rather than signing a slip

neat as a pin US English

Extremely neat or clean

hear a pin drop US English

Used to describe absolute silence

pin someone down US English

Restrict the actions or movement of an enemy by firing at them

pin something down US English

Define something precisely

pin one's ears back US English

Listen carefully

pin one's hopes on US English

Rely heavily on

pinup US English

A poster showing a famous person or sex symbol, designed to be displayed on a wall

duckpin US English

A short, squat bowling pin

hatpin US English

A long pin, typically with an ornamental head, that holds a woman’s hat in position by securing it to her hair

pinhead US English

The flattened head of a pin

pinout US English

A diagram showing the arrangement of pins on an integrated circuit and their functions

pintuck US English

(In sewing) a very narrow ornamental tuck

pushpin US English

A thumbtack with a spherical or cylindrical head of colored plastic, used to fasten papers to a bulletin board or to indicate positions on charts and maps

tenpin US English

A wooden pin used in tenpin bowling

tiepin US English

An ornamental pin for holding a tie in place

linchpin US English

A pin passed through the end of an axle to keep a wheel in position

pinboard US English

A board covered with cork and fixed to a wall so that messages and pictures can be pinned on to it for display

pinpoint US English

A tiny dot or point

pinprick US English

A prick caused by a pin

wrist pin in wrist US English

(In a machine) a stud projecting from a crank as an attachment for a connecting rod

bird cherry US English

A small wild cherry tree or shrub, with bitter black fruit that is eaten by birds

centrepin US English

A relatively simple type of fishing reel with the line winding directly on to a revolving spool

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