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pipe US English

A tube of metal, plastic, or other material used to convey water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances

pipe US Thesaurus

a water pipe

pipe up US English

Say something suddenly

air pipe US English

A pipe for the supply or passage of air, as a bronchial tube, a ventilation pipe, etc.

blue pipe US English

(In full blue pipe tree) the lilac, Syringa vulgaris.

clay pipe US English

A tobacco pipe made of hardened clay

feed pipe US English

A pipe for supplying raw material or fuel to a machine or device

flue pipe US English

A pipe acting as a flue

gas pipe US English

A pipe used for carrying gas.

ice pipe US English

A natural tubular cavity in ice; a hollow tube made of ice extending through (and sometimes projecting from) snow or soil.

jet pipe US English

The exhaust duct of a jet engine

one-pipe US English

Designating a system of hot-water central heating in which radiators take water from and return it to the same pipe, which runs in a complete circuit from the boiler and back to it again.

pipe down US English

Stop talking; be less noisy

pipe bag US English

The bag of a set of bagpipes, used as a reservoir for air.

pipe band US English

A band, especially a military one, consisting of bagpipe players, drummers, and a pipe major

pipe bomb US English

A homemade bomb, the components of which are contained in a pipe

pipe bowl US English

The rounded end of a pipe in which the tobacco, etc., is burnt; the amount such a bowl contains.

pipe box US English

A box in which pipes, especially tobacco pipes, are kept.

pipe case US English

A case for a tobacco pipe or its bowl.

pipe die US English

Mechanics. A female screw, nut, or other device for cutting a male thread into the end of a metal pipe.

pipe ear US English

A projecting flat part of a pipe, having a hole by which it may be fixed to a wall.

pipe-foot US English

The lower part of a flue pipe in an organ, through which the wind is received and conducted.

pipe grab US English

A mechanical grab for lifting a conduit pipe out of the ground.

pipe head US English

The bowl of a tobacco pipe.

pipe jack US English

Originally: a hand-operated mechanical device for laying an underground pipe by pushing it through the ground from one pit to the next; (later also) a hydraulically-operated machine performing this function.

pipe key US English

A key with a hollow barrel which fits over a pin in a lock.

pipe-like US English

Resembling a pipe in shape or structure; long and cylindrical

pipe note US English

A note or sound made by a pipe, or a tone resembling that of a pipe.

pipe rack US English

A rack for holding tobacco pipes

pipe roll US English

The annual records of the British Exchequer from the 12th to the 19th century

pipe stem US English

The shaft of a tobacco pipe

pipe stop US English

A plug in a pipe joint.

pipe tile US English

A tile used in the construction of a drainage pipe, sewer, etc.

pipe tree US English

The common lilac, Syringa vulgaris. Also blue pipe-tree. Now chiefly historical.

pipe vein US English

Mining and Geology = sense 18a 1d.

pipe vice US English

A vice for grasping a pipe or rod.

pipe vine US English

The North American plant Dutchman's pipe, Aristolochia macrophylla.

puff pipe US English

Plumbing a short ventilation pipe connected to a trap or valve in a drainage system.

reed pipe US English

A simple wind instrument made from a reed or with the sound produced by a reed

rone pipe US English

A down pipe.

soil pipe US English

A sewage or waste water pipe

well pipe US English

A pipe from a well; (originally) a conduit pipe (also figurative); (in later use chiefly) a pipe or tube forming part of a well, especially an oil or gas well.

womb pipe US English

= womb passage.

bustle pipe US English

An annular pipe surrounding the base of a blast furnace, which supplies hot air to the tuyères.

fairy pipe US English

A small clay tobacco pipe; especially one of a type dating from the 17th or 18th centuries, which has been found or dug up.

great pipe US English

The Highland bagpipe; = piob mhor.

Indian pipe US English

A plant with a yellowish stem that bears a single drooping flower, native to North America and northeastern Asia. It lacks chlorophyll and obtains nourishment via symbiotic fungi in its roots

mouth pipe US English

Any of various simple wind instruments consisting of a pipe into which the player blows.

navel pipe US English

A pipe through which an anchor cable runs up through the body of a vessel.

organ pipe US English

A cylindrical tube by which a note is produced in an organ

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